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Show Homes Interior Design

Show home decor that makes your property stand out from the rest

When you’re thinking about a show home’s interior design, you need to consider how you’re going to wow prospective buyers. A blank canvas does nothing for the imagination, so put together a vision that perfectly encapsulates what a life inside your property would be like. When you sell the dream, you sell the home as well.

Show home decor can’t be understated. The right furniture and accessories should be used to reflect the needs of your target market, helping to create the kind of aspirational spaces people want to live in. LOFT has years of experience in show home interior design, so put your faith in the experts.


Show Home Decor to Put a Unique Stamp on Your Property

Putting together the perfect show home isn’t a task that should be left to the last minute. Once you have permission to develop a plot of land or you’ve been handed the keys to a property, it’s best to introduce an interior designer as soon as possible who knows how to get more out of a show home.

Your interior designer will work with you from the ground up to put a truly unique stamp on your property. By bringing in an expert early, you can brainstorm show home decor ideas and find the time to implement them. Waiting until the property has been built first can mean having to scale back any plans you might have to create a dream home. Some furniture might look too big or too small, the layout could affect how you take advantage of natural light, and you’ll find it a struggle to source bespoke items without it affecting your marketing time frame.

A show home’s interior design style should be something special, and all the pieces should fit in place perfectly. This is why LOFT’s designers take the time to get to know your property inside and out even if it hasn’t been built yet. By speaking with you and visiting the location, our team can:

  • Find or commission bespoke furniture pieces in plenty of time

  • Offer comprehensive window treatment services

  • Source unique lighting fixtures 

  • Assess the feasibility of your ideas

  • Put together a detailed floor plan



Start The Conversation

Put our team to the test. If you have a project in mind that you think we could help you with, then get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


Bringing in an experienced show home interior designer has many benefits. If the thought has crossed your mind, but the true value has never been explained to you, you’ll find all the answers below:


Installing your own show home decor when interior design isn’t your strongest subject makes life a lot more difficult. You’ll constantly be thinking about what furniture colours match the walls, how many accessories are too many and whether pieces should be spaced out or moved closer together.Show home interior designers spend years honing their craft, both on the job and in their day-to-day lives. Reading articles on the latest trends, attending trade shows and speaking to other experts is second nature.Instead of taking on the job yourself, let someone who thoroughly enjoys design work take the lead. Partnering with LOFT also means you’ll benefit from the skills of our installation team, who put together every piece of furniture, plus fittings and fixtures under the guidance of your interior designer.


One of the biggest benefits of instructing a show home interior designer to help from the start is that your property will have a truly unique look. When potential residents are looking around properties, they often see the same colours, same furniture and same styles over and over again.That doesn’t happen when an expert is involved.Properties that garner the most attention and the most inquiries are the ones that are different, ones that still capture that aspirational lifestyle without making it look the same as everyone else's. Your interior designer will have a completely blank space to work with, so putting together bigger and bolder ideas is more feasible.


Styling the perfect interior design trends that appeal to your target demographic isn’t a quick job, but having someone by your side who understands the rental market and knows what people are looking for will save a lot of time.Your show home interior designer will have ideas from the get-go on how to create the perfect space based on their previous experience. And of course, the connections LOFT’s team has made along the way means we can contact bespoke designers to have unique pieces crafted as soon as possible.The time saved on interior design also helps speed up the rest of the process. With a stunning interior in place, you can get to work marketing the property, which means you can advertise it and bring in a resident much faster than if you did your own design.


A well dressed property attracts a lot of attention, and one that’s immediately ready to move into will certainly stand out from the crowd if completed to a high spec. The convenience of having all the design work done and to a top standard is worth more to some buyers, as they don’t want that hassle for themselves. As such, you can ask for a higher price and include all the show home accessories and furnishings in the sale.Make sure to speak to your LOFT interior designer if purchasing your show home decor and furniture is something that interests you.

What Does LOFT’s Show Home Interior Design Process Look Like?

Never hired a show home interior designer before? LOFT ensures every aspect of the job is covered, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Here’s what our process looks like:

Consultation & Site Visit

A member of LOFT’s interior design team will arrange to have a meeting with you by video, phone or face to face to discuss your project.

We’ll listen to your ideas, share our own thoughts and put together a plan of action.


Visiting the site gives your interior designer a much better idea of the space they’re working with. It’s a great opportunity to assess the feasibility of the current plans, plus a chance to measure up and meet your wider team.


Concept Design

Once the initial brainstorming sessions are complete, your interior designer will put together a mood board, a visual representation of what your property will look like when the design work is finished.

If there is something you would like to add or change, we’re more than happy to accommodate.

LOFT_Manchester Road_Design Process_June 2021_37


With the designs approved, we procure all the pieces we need to create the ideal space that anyone would want to live in.

This includes sourcing: paint, wallpaper, furniture, accessories and lighting.

LOFT_Project Management Process_Ayres Road_April 2021_3


You’ll never be left on your own when it comes to putting everything in its place. Overseen by your interior designer to ensure every aspect makes the right impact, our trained installation & delivery will construct and install every piece in the correct rooms.

To complete the job, we’ll even remove the packaging and any old pieces of furniture you don’t want for recycling.

Having used LOFT on a previous development I was confident that the quality of the products and the modern designs were going to fit at Broadside. The team are always happy to go the extra mile and we really couldn’t have asked for better service. Our show apartments have been very well received and overall LOFT have the ability to bring any space to life!Reside Manchester

Want To Get More From Your Show Home?

Get in touch for an initial consultation and find out how LOFT can dress your property to impress with bespoke designs and high quality furniture packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do show homes get their furniture?
Show homes in the UK get their furniture from leading suppliers such as LOFT. As our design team has a wealth of experience and connections, we can find pieces to match your exact taste or have items commissioned specially. Where possible, we use sustainable materials, and we only work with ethical suppliers.
Who decorates show homes?
The job of decorating your show home will fall to your interior designer and their support team. At LOFT, our delivery and installation workers will assemble and install all the pieces you’ve ordered in the correct rooms under the supervision of the interior designer. This means you don’t have to lift a finger, as we’ll make sure everything is perfect for when potential residents arrive.
What happens to show home furniture after the sale?
What happens to show home furniture after the sale is completely up to you. Our team is more than happy to remove the items once all the marketing materials have been put together or once the property has been sold. But if the show home decor has really appealed to the buyers, we will gladly work with you to arrange a suitable price for the furniture.
How much do show homes sell for?
Show home properties tend to sell for more money, as the viewers have had the chance to form an emotional connection. They have seen the inside, and can imagine what life would be like living there. With the help of an expert, you could make an extra 10% if not more.
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