Agency Partnership

Helping Property Agents All Across the UK

Letting, managing and selling properties doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or difficult process. The right support from service providers will help you reach many of the common goals that agents across the UK have such as:

  • Hassle-free sales

  • Retaining residents on behalf of landlords

  • Creating value for residents

  • Becoming the one person your clients turn to for advice

  • Building on your own personal brand and reputation in the industry

With over 18 years of experience in the property sector, we’ve developed our property agent services to fit around your needs, as well the needs of residents and your clients. Keep resident issues to a minimum, establish deeper trust with landlords and save yourself from any unnecessary stress and hassle.

Large portfolios can be difficult to manage, but our durable furniture, fast delivery, like-for-like replenishment, remove and recycle schemes and professional attitude makes LOFT a partner you can rely on for years to come.

LOFT’s Key Sectors

LOFT provides furniture fit for all types of rental properties. Dedicated procurement specialists and an award-winning interior design team ensures we can deliver exactly what the market is looking for, no matter where your properties are based in the UK and regardless of the type of property you’re managing. Our key sectors include:


We first made our name by providing furniture for the buy to let market and assisting agents with fit-outs and removals. Nearly two decades later, our mantra of new furniture being delivered, assembled and installed with old, unwanted items removed, replaced and recycled still forms the cornerstone of our business.


HMOs are perfect for tight-knit community living, but only if residents can enjoy their surroundings together. LOFT supplies high quality furniture and furnishings to create a warm and welcoming environment that will help residents form strong bonds and friendships.

Short-Term Lets

Short-term lets see a lot of footfall, so it’s important to have comfortable, durable and appealing furniture that will last for years. We also offer a quick turnaround on replenishment, ensuring guests never have to go without a key piece of furniture that could affect the enjoyment of their stay.


Co-living environments are all about creating lasting friendships. We design and furnish the perfect co-living spaces to encourage residents to interact with one another, which gives them a key reason to stay in a development for the long-term.

Operating Nationwide

Having one base of operations doesn’t give suppliers enough scope to help agents nationwide, so LOFT has two dedicated warehouses to guarantee complete UK coverage. With fully stocked distribution centres established in Manchester and London, we’re only a short distance away from the properties you manage, meaning we can have items sent out and installed in as little as 24 hours.

As well as operating nationally, LOFT’s property agent services are as flexible as they need them to be. We can accommodate for moved timescales and offer a key collection service, so furniture is ready to go whenever you are. Our trained team will assemble and install each piece in the correct rooms while carrying out safety checks. When the job is done, all packaging and old furniture is removed and responsibly disposed of, leaving the property neat and tidy.


In Stock & Ready To Go

Need high quality furniture in a short space of time? LOFT has immediate stock available, so feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.

Our Specialist Property Agent Services


Furniture Supply

Supplying furniture for residential properties is the main service of our business. We have immediate stock available to suit all types of properties and budgets. Built to last and crafted with comfort and style in mind, LOFT furniture is exactly what you, your clients and their residents are looking for.


Interior Design & Floor Plan Consultation

With so much competition, properties need to stand out if they’re going to appeal to the target market. LOFT’s award-winning interior design team will provide consultations and handle the design work to ensure residents and your clients get the best value from their properties.


Delivery & Installation

LOFT’s delivery and installation service revolves around you. We can schedule deliveries when you’re available or arrange to collect the keys, so we can deliver, assemble and install furniture even when you have other obligations.


Recycling & Waste Management

Recycling forms a huge part of our company ethos. We will take away all packaging and any old items you don’t want so they can be recycled and ethically disposed of. Our company-wide performance on sustainability is currently at 90%, and we’re committed to improving this further.


Aftercare & Maintenance

Even after we’ve fitted out your properties, we’re always on hand to provide assistance. Whether you have questions about furniture, need up-to-date information on the latest design trends, or you’re in further need of our recycling service, we’re sure to point you in the right direction.



LOFT sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive replenishment service. If a piece breaks, becomes unsafe to use or has seen too much wear-and-tear, we can replace it with a like-for-like item. With our stock on hand, we can replace most furniture in as little as 24 hours.


FIA Approved Suppliers

Through LOFT's hard work and dedication to agents over the years, we have achieved official FIA Approved Supplier Status. The FIA (Federation of Independent Agents) is an independent organisation that creates a network of trusted suppliers and contacts for agents across the UK to call upon.


Immediate Availability

Timing is crucial when it comes to property. Landlords want their units occupied as soon as possible and residents don’t like waiting when they have issues that need resolving. To ensure agents are never stuck between a rock and a hard place, LOFT can be available as soon as we’re needed.

With a fleet of over 50 vans, we have the capacity to transport items quickly, meaning we can work around tight move-in dates — even if the landlord or resident needs to reschedule.

LOFT also keeps plenty of stock on hand across our two warehouses, so we have immediate availability if you need to replenish items as soon as possible to keep residents happy. Depending on your requirements, we can deliver to most UK properties within 24 hours.

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LOFT’s property agent services are available nationwide thanks to our offices and large-scale warehouses based in Manchester and London. We can reach almost any location in the UK within 24 hours with the exact items you need to keep residents and landlords happy. Take a look at the areas we cover, and see how we’re already helping agents in your local area:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can LOFT Deliver Furniture?
Two dedicated and fully stocked warehouses at both ends of the country ensures that we can deliver to most UK properties within 24 hours. Our bases can be found in the heart of Manchester and London, giving us full coverage in the North and South. For specialised items and requests, the average turnaround time for our property agent services is 3–4 days, though this will vary depending on your needs. You will always be kept up to date with our delivery schedule, and our team will call one hour before we arrive to say we’re on our way.
What Are The Benefits of Partnering With LOFT?
LOFT has been at the forefront of the rental market for 18 years. We speak to residents and landlords regularly to discover what they want from furniture and interior design, and we deliver on their expectations, which helps immeasurably in reducing complaints and void periods. Our service takes a lot of pressure away from agents. We can be relied on to handle all aspects of furniture installation and interior design, even liaising with residents and taking the time to answer any questions they may have. Make sure to get in touch to benefit from our immediate availability, wide array of products and highly professional approach.
Will LOFT Provide Support When I Report to Clients?
We understand that furniture and interior design isn’t the most important part of a property agent's job, but you’re still expected to have all the answers. If you feel as though LOFT is in a better position to speak with your clients when it comes to furniture choices and decisions on decoration, a member of our team will gladly step in to answer any questions your clients may have.