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Designing a high end look for a skyscraper show home that promoted multifunctional living in a large open space.

We all dream of having a large open space to fill with beautiful furniture. But making a big space look good isn’t always an easy task.

It’s all about human-centric design.

With a team that has extensive experience with designing luxury show homes, our Design team we’re excited at the challenge of turning this grand apartment into a space fit for multifunctional home living.

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Working with Select Property Group we were given the brief to design a high end look for their show home. Wanting to use the space to show case city living, we also had the challenge of creating a space where our client could hold meetings.

The inspiration? Our team wanted to highlight the apartments sleek and polished finishes by pairing a colourful and refined look to the interiors. Large open spaces craved colour to make them feel warm, choosing bursts of orange to compliment the shades of blue that became the focal tone to the design. A new development also needs to stand out. Our team sourced statement wallpaper to dominate areas in the apartment, bold but subtle prints that complimented the buildings stunning aesthetic.

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Last year the way we saw our interiors changed, making space for work life as well as home life becoming a priority. Our client wanted to make sure that the design reflective this new need for flexible living. With such a large open space, we were able to introduce zoning for the apartment. Designing an area for working with space for a desk, with plenty of light, meant that the remainder of the open place living area could be a more relaxed social aesthetic. Placing bar stools and statement lighting in the kitchen area made it a spot to socialise in. Large, cosy sofas with low level tables made allowed the seating area to be for relaxing.

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The result?

A high-end show home for Select Property Group that promoted a large space that presented flexibility for home and work life. Our team used their experience and knowledge of trends and creativity to deliver a unique space that our client could use for meetings and showcase their brand new development.


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