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How we let 80% of rooms prior to completion through three unique schemes focussed on wellbeing and modern living.

The investment into UK purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) has grown dramatically in the last two years. Design of student accommodation is no longer an afterthought, styling and intelligent use of space are becoming minimum requirements.

DLC Europe needed three unique schemes across multiple sites, and wanted to incorporate a touch of modernity and wellbeing into their new properties. The final product should appeal to the young student, so we went with a colour-focussed design that would bring the buildings to life with personality and style.

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For our first scheme, Onyx Birmingham, we created a dynamic alternative to student accommodation that was vibrant, modern, and most importantly, high-quality, setting our client apart from competitors. The site captured the full student experience, providing spaces to work, play, and thrive. 

We opted for a bright and lively colour palette, giving the place an upbeat feel. We kept it clean and minimalist, maintaining a sense of modern luxury.

Our second scheme, Eden Square had an aura of tranquillity that enriched and encouraged a healthy work/life balance for students. We knew our interior needed to match this. Here, we went for a modern and minimalist look, using selected furniture to add a pop of colour to every room.

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And finally, Aspen. This site offered a truly unique living experience to students and was designed with happiness and wellbeing in mind. The interior we opted for was built around a rich colour scheme, opting for blue and green tones giving off an earthy and natural vibe.

All three schemes were delivered on time, despite COVID-19 related project delays, thanks to our resourceful design and swift project management. 

The Result?

By the time of completion, 80% of properties were let and second phase lettings were due for January.


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