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Dandara_Chapel Wharf, Manchester

How we helped to overcome construction delays on a landmark project and fulfill over 2,000 BTR units nationwide.

Dandara had a nationwide requirement for price-focussed, design-inspired furniture sourced proactively to ensure maximised budget and a unique design concept.

The whole project sat in our sweet spot, at the crossover of high quality design and specification, and the ability to deliver in large quantities - simultaneously.

Because of our worldwide supply chain we were able to source cost effectively, and with uniformity of design that would define the Dandara Living brand, with a plan to deliver 2,000+ units over a 12 month period.

Our designers created a sense of warmth and modernity with woodgrain textures and homely materials.

Dandara_Chapel Wharf, Manchester

But just as the team was about to start work, delays of up to ten months occurred across all sites, and with the construction side of the project not going to plan, we needed to adapt our approach too, safeguarding the client’s budget and timings as much as possible.

Thanks to our unique capability to store in excess of 25,000 units of stock we were able to put in place a storage and vesting agreement with Dandara. This meant that they maintained their budgetary position for furnishing provision, with the reassurance that their furniture was safely stored, insured and vested to enable soonest delivery upon completion of the build.

Despite the delays lasting in excess of 12 months, we were able to increase our fleet and resources to accelerate the initial planned programme durations and ensure our client recovered some of the losses suffered in construction.

Dandara_Chapel Wharf, Manchester
Dandara_Aston Place, Birmingham

The result?

All properties from 50% to 100% leased: Chapel Wharf (Salford) 50% leased, Sweet Street (Leeds) 90% leased on completions, Aston Place (Birmingham) 85% leased, Triple Kirks (Aberdeen) fully leased.

Having worked with LOFT on many projects and this year on our BTR portfolio, I have always found the team helpful and professional at every stage. From concepts to installations the team are efficient and friendly, whether in the office or onsite. With the help of LOFT we have managed to create a variety of apartments that are in line with our brand and meet the demands of our residents. Combining style and comfort into a design which is durable and of a high quality, LOFT go above and beyond to meet our expectations.Dandara Living

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