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How we ensured a landmark scheme stood out against competition through innovatively styled apartments.

The city of Manchester is bursting with modern and vibrant buildings. Fresh and innovative designs pop up all the time, so when DLC Europe came to us about their new landmark scheme, we knew that differentiation was key.

The building, in the upcoming New Cross area, needed to stand out versus competition in more established areas of Manchester. To ensure this happened, we knew we had to deliver something special. The interior needed to create a sense of energy, whilst still encapsulating the idea of modern development. 

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It’s the type of brief we love.

Over the next few months, our interior design team worked through multiple phases of concept development to develop the perfect interior. We went for a chic style  that maintained a truly elegant and luxurious feel. We kept interiors clean, opting for white walls in most rooms, cleverly paired with bright furniture to provide accent and personality.

Our high-standard interior made the building stand apart from competitors, offering luxury and modernity at an affordable price. 

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The Result?

60% off all rooms were let before completion supporting the success of our designs. Lettings continued post-completion at a very successful rate.


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