February 28, 2022

Urban Living Trends for 2022 - International Hospitality Media


George Sell, editor-in-chief at International Hospitality Media focuses on 5 trends that will resonate across real estate and hospitality in 2022.

1. Household Names Become BTR Players

It definitely feels like we are at a tipping point in the UK regarding attitudes to homeownership and renting. A growing acceptance of renting, and the subsequent erosion of the stigma surrounding it, is coming from both ends of the age spectrum.

A younger, predominantly millennial, demographic is weighing up the financial and lifestyle sacrifices necessary for them to get a foot on the housing ladder in major cities and has decided it simply isn’t worth it. And waves of downsizers are moving into rental communities for seniors having banked the unprecedented financial good fortune resulting from being homeowners of the baby boom generation.

For both demographics, some interesting new brands are springing up to serve the market, but perhaps the most significant development in BTR is the entrance of household names with big plans for the space, each with obvious synergies between renting homes and their core businesses...

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