October 12, 2021

UKAA North-West Branch Launch: An Exciting BTR Event Hosted by LOFT


As normality resumes and the option to hold physical networking events becomes an option once more, this time last week our LOFT Shop in central Manchester provided the perfect setting to host The UK Apartment Association’s (UKAA) North West Hub launch. 

An exciting new chapter for The UKAA and the north west, this was an example of networking as it should be, an inspiring event with standing room only, brimming with innovative people speaking passionately about all things Build to Rent (BTR). 

This event not only showcased The UKAA and the outstanding work they are doing to drive BTR in Manchester and the UK but was also testament to the continued relationship LOFT have with the UKAA. 

Not only have we been a key contributor to the BTR sector since inception, but our very own Founder and Managing Director Benjamin Hall and Sales Director Ben Etherington are established, current members on the The UKAA committee. 

Previous collaborative events with the The UKAA that include The Impact of Interior Design on Human Wellbeing, a roundtable hosted by our Head of Design Lauren Maylor and our Senior Business Development Manager Rachael Cunliffe that focussed on residents needs, behaviours and requirements.  


LOFT’s own Ben Etherington led proceedings and chaired the panel discussion, inciting an invigorating and insightful discussion on both current successes and challenges within the BTR sector, as well as rousing plans and prospects for the future. 

The UKAA’s selection of guest speakers for the panel showcases why they are such an important organisation for the BTR sector, selecting inspiring, informed speakers to showcase BTR at its very best to help build awareness around the positivity of the sector.

The guest speakers included: Leanne Hargreaves of Grainger PLC, Paul Borrmann of Dandara Living, Dougie Orton-Wade of Allsop Letting and Management, Samantha Richardson of Urbanbubble and Jasper Sanders of Jasper Sanders & Partners. A combination of speakers from different areas of the sector gave a valuable variety of experiences and perspectives. 

People First Design, People First Properties

LOFT are no strangers to putting residents at the heart of our design process’, but it also seems residents are at the heart of the BTR sectors thinking too.

Each of the guest speakers spoke passionately about developing BTR properties with functionality and experience for the resident solely in mind, planning BTR developments to ensure future residents are getting a holistic experience from not just their apartment, but from the building as a whole.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has challenged everyone’s sense of community over the past two years. What BTR Developments in Manchester have done is bring back a sense of stability by easily integrating residents into a ready-made community that is open to everyone, not to mention a comfortable introduction to Manchester and the rich culture that inherits it. 

As residents experience is given precedence above all else, yearly surveys are carried out within many BTR buildings to hear directly from the residents on what can improve their living experience. Ideas from their needs proposed by residents, such as pet parks and improved package delivery and storage facilities, have been taken on-board and implemented across various BTR buildings in Manchester. 

Although varying in nature and size of requests, one major common theme was found running through many resident surveys; wanting to contribute more towards sustainability measures. 

Future Proofing

Sustainability is in LOFT’s DNA, from the sourcing of our supply chain to the lifecycle of our products, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future.

Whether it is teaming up with Gone West to plant a tree for every apartment we furnish, the strict recycling measures we hold ourselves to or the regular supplier audits focussed on sustainability we conduct, a socially conscious resident will appreciate our sustainability measures.  

All of the guest speakers who work within the BTR sector are equally as conscious and passionate about sustainability, actively driving sustainability during developments and embedding it into the very nature of the BTR sector.  

We would like to thank THE UKAA for choosing LOFT to host such an exciting event and also extend a huge thanks to all of the inspiring panellists who spoke, we eagerly await the next collaboration with them and look forward to what the future holds!

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