April 06, 2022

The Value of Community, Inside & Out - Benjamin Hall

Union Wharf Outdoor Amenity Space

Community, as a term, can mean many different things to different people. It can symbolise a family unit, a group of people sharing common interests, neighbours, a team or society – the list goes on. The common thread throughout any community is the ability to shape the values and common goals through community members’ voices. It is a collective network of people working collaboratively to achieve a feeling of security and collectiveness that will benefit all stakeholders.

We are experts in creating interior spaces that cultivate and enhance a feeling of community. We understand the nuances created in design to achieve a collective feeling – but we could not achieve this if we were not ourselves a strong community to draw experience from. At LOFT, we have built our company upon a foundation of a community of family and friends. Our chosen company values illustrate an aspiration to nurture and grow the feeling of community.

As a family-owned business, LOFT’s values are spread throughout the company from the ground up. The company is literally being built off the back of a strong family community and that is a powerful theme that continues to shine through. The feeling of community within the workplace is beneficial to all aspects of our professional lives...

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