October 11, 2022

The Proactive Preservers: LOFT x One Tribe


We are immensely excited to continue our journey to Net Zero with the help of our partners, One Tribe.

One Tribe's mission is to protect billions of trees and our planet for future generations by engaging global businesses and their millions of customers in climate action. For every LOFT product sold, funds are distributed to One Tribe's conservation partners to continue protecting rainforests worldwide.

To date, One Tribe has protected 78,476,936 trees, stored 7,288,023 tonnes of carbon and saved 101,403 acres of land across the globe. As a sustainability-driven company, we are delighted to be contributing positively to real-world change while taking yet another leap towards LOFT's goal of Net Zero. Read on to gain more insight into who One Tribe are and how they are leading the charge on environmental conservation.


Who is One Tribe?

One Tribe is a spirited group of developers and marketers who have created a climate action platform that enables e-commerce brands to protect the environment and reach their Net Zero targets faster.

Their technology acts as a plug-in for web stores, which then aids forest protection with every purchase. Once a sale is made online, a small portion of that sale is automatically donated to conservation projects across the world. Giving customers the ability to save endangered landscapes and wildlife with just the click of a button. Helping to fund the protection and regeneration of forests is one of the greatest things we can do for our planet.

By working with One Tribe, brands can save huge acres of forest, reducing a company’s environmental footprint and preventing governing bodies from deforesting indigenous land. One Tribe donations fund a variety of different projects that cover not just tree protection, but wildlife conservation, eco-restoration, rewilding, and more.

One particular thing that the funding allows One Tribe to do is to give indigenous people rights to their own land within the Amazon. More than 350 Indigenous and ethnic groups live within the Amazon, but most do not own title deeds to their own land.

Their generations have lived there for hundreds of years, yet they are still under threat from large corporations and even their own governments. But now we can safely say that One Tribe is a cause that contributes to protecting these people and bettering the future of our planet.

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