October 14, 2022

The New Fully Tailored LOFT Experience


From today, you’ll have more flexibility when you shop with LOFT.

We’ll still be offering the complete service as we have done for almost 20 years.

But we’ve listened to our customers. We’re enhancing our service offering and giving back.

So, here you go.

We have dropped our prices on everything. For good.

At LOFT, we pride ourselves on offering a full service to you, our customers. We’ve been designing, delivering, assembling, removing, replacing, and recycling your furniture for over 19 years. LOFT is where we are today because you trust us. And we thank you for this.

Above all else, LOFT are a People First, family-owned company who are led by the needs of our stakeholders. We value your opinion and feedback above all else as it keeps us current and ensures we are continually delivering the service that made LOFT what it is today.


Reduced RSP’s

Over the past months, our customers have shared that they’re feeling the effect of challenging financial times and are having to cut their cloth accordingly. With that in mind, we want to give you the flexibility and level of control you expect when you’re dealing with a truly modern business. While we remain committed to delivering the full LOFT experience you’ve come to expect from us, it’s important that we move with the times. That LOFT evolves to give the tailored service that you, our customers, really want. 

This is what this price drop aims to do – keep you happy as a customer and keep your residents even happier by providing them with our furniture and furnishings. We still offer our turn-key assembly & installation service, but you can now choose to have your furnishings delivered to your door, for a lower price, nationwide.



To shop our extensive range of lower priced People First products

More Flexibility

Our servicing offering has become completely transparent as starting today, we’re offering you a more personalised LOFT experience. We’ve reduced the prices across our complete range, giving you the chance to add assembly and installation only where you want it

Our prices have been stripped back so you only need to pay for what you’re using, for both service and product. By tailoring your order and paying for only those services you need, you’ll still have access to the same great LOFT service, all while making it your own. This flexibility ensures it will be kind to your furnishing budget while maximising your interiors; win-win.


Same LOFT Quality

LOFT is for living life on your terms. For those who want to continue to take advantage of the full LOFT service offering, nothing changes - we’re still here, delivering and installing furniture nationwide in the same way we have for over 19 years, at no additional increase in cost. But for those who are happy to take care of the assembly themselves, we now offer a more competitively priced option alongside our full service. Every property and resident needs to feel the positive effect of the LOFT look and price should not be a deciding factor in achieving that.

If you are an existing LOFT customer that wants to chat with us about our price drops or a new customer that wants to learn about what we can do for you and your property, we’d love to hear from you.


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