July 26, 2022

The Circular Economy - The Coggin Group


Company Director, Sam Coggin of The Coggin Group is changing the way we look at redundant office furniture by working with some of the UK’s biggest brands such as E.ON, Places for People and NHS. Our mission is to divert as much redundant office furniture from landfills as possible and we achieve this via direct product reuse and material extraction recycling. It has been reported over 300 tonnes of redundant office furniture is sent to the landfill every day in the UK alone. We want to do something about that...

Our aim is the make the process of clearing a large office space as ethical and sustainable as possible. All items cleared from these offices are inspected and refurbished at our facility in Preston where possible. All unfit for reuse items of furniture is broken spoke into materials such as metal, plastic, foam and wood which is then sent away for further recycling ensuring zero to landfill.

We have taken the breakdown of unfit for reuse items one step further by investing in machinery that allows us to granulate plastic which is then resold into the manufacturing industry, waste foam from office seating is bailed and turned back into carpet underlay. We are continuing further development and investment into our recycling centre and have around 20,000sqft that allows us to process thousands of unfit for reuse items of office furniture every week....

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