July 01, 2022

Sustainable Inclusion - Women in Property


Women in Property has been leading the way on gender equality for 35 years and, many would argue, is as relevant now as it has always been, although perhaps for differing reasons. It was launched in 1987 to support women working in the property and construction industry who, at that time, was a distinct minority.

Now, over three decades later, while there is still much to challenge, the situation has improved considerably. More women are entering the industry, employers are increasingly aware of the need for flexible working, supported by training and career development and it is widely acknowledged that a diverse team is a more effective, productive team. The conversation is less about women and more about inclusion, as we strive for a truly diverse industry.

Women in Property has always focused on inclusion and, while we have women-only membership, the majority of our events are open to all, and all are welcome. Our ethos is that success and its rewards should be founded on merit and expertise, rather than gender, which holds true - irrespective of background, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Or should do. Inequity remains one of the biggest barriers to inclusion and the playing field is still not level.

What are we doing to change this? Much of our work is about creating opportunity and inspiring change as well as using our influence to raise awareness to the issues that still permeate the industry – the unconscious bias, the stereotyping, the gender pay gap, for example. The organisation works at the highest levels – we are regular contributors to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Women and Work, and we have strong relationships with professional bodies and businesses...

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