April 21, 2022

Sustainability At LOFT: Planet First People

Gone West Tree Planting Day NORTH 6

As a People First company above all else, a greener world is a better place for people everywhere. Our core values keep us grounded and focused on what’s really important when running an ethically conscious business. A sustainable infrastructure was created during our inception and it has been continually built upon through the years to ensure sustainability is inherent in our daily practice and present in every action we take.

The UK has a target to reduce global temperature increases to less than 2 degrees celsius by 2050. This target can only be achieved by individuals, companies and organisations working collectively towards this shared goal with passion and innovation.

So, what actions are LOFT taking as a business to create a cleaner, greener world for all?


Striving Towards Net Zero

Back in 2020, we collaborated with UK tree planting company Gone West. With the help of this partnership, we pledged that for every apartment we furnish we would plant a tree to not only balance our environmental footprint but give back that bit more.

Through the help and guidance of Gone West, LOFT have planted 5000+ trees to date and all trees have been hand-planted by LOFT employees. It is greatly beneficial for LOFT employees to personally plant these trees as it gives a hands-on perspective of the company's commitment to sustainability and also gives a sense of collective accomplishment.

We do not plan on slowing down in our tree-planting endeavours either as another company-wide tree-planting day alongside Gone West is planned for this Summer. Every tree planted is another step closer to our ultimate goal of Net Zero, the ultimate achievement of mirroring our ambitious sustainability goals and company vision.


"Giving back for us is not only planting trees, but it's also thinking about how we run our businesses, how we source our products and materials, and how we can create jobs and take care of the vulnerable members of our society."

Gone West


LOFT Don't Do Landfills

Our warehouses and office buildings hold themselves accountable to ensure all daily waste is being appropriately recycled. On top of this, we recycle over 5,000 mattresses every year through independent companies who strip them down and recycle, reuse or manufacture new products from the respective parts.

We only work with products of high quality, making them long-lasting and minimising the need to constantly replace items. We up-cycle as much removed furniture as possible by donating it to one of the many charities we work with across the UK to give the furniture a second life and simultaneously help numerous people in need.

We proudly hold a 97% landfill diversion rate by either up-cycling removed products, donating used pieces to one of the many charities we work with or responsibly recycling removed furniture & furnishings. Last year alone we saved 196.3 tonnes of carbon emissions by diverting so much waste from landfills and recycled over 2.1 tonnes of paper and card.


Responsible Product Sourcing

We are aware of the opportunity to make positive and sustainable choices when dealing with a consistent supply chain of furniture and furnishings. That's why all our suppliers complete our PQQ, specifically designed to encourage sustainability across all areas.

In order to be registered as a supplier on our system, we request evidence of relevant insurances, trade memberships, accreditations and product compliance certificates. And we audit all the information provided annually to ensure it is current and relevant. So you can be confident that, if they are LOFT approved, they are one of the good guys.

On top of these measures, to ensure the strict sustainability measures we set to qualify to be a supplier for us we subcontract quality and sustainability control representatives in the Far East to manage and audit our supply chain, ensuring that every one of our supply chain partners, no matter the location, are performing to our exacting standards.

"Every year, LOFT give us the industry trends, provide us with accurate product development directions and put forward valuable suggestions on the production process. LOFT has the boldest ideas, the fastest response times and the most sincere service."

LOFT Furniture Supplier


Gone West_Sustainability

Be Part of the Change

We're always striving towards greater sustainability. Partnering with LOFT ensures you're working towards a greener future, too.