July 05, 2022

Regenerative Solutions: The Future of Living - Atma Life


Regenerative Solutions: The Future of Living


What is regenerative living and how do we achieve it in our modern era?

Regenerative living solutions are a reflection of societal revolution, hence they are not just new business models but experimental prototypes that reflect changing human needs. With that perspective in mind, we can better apprehend their potential on a socio-economic level and the changes in cultural mindset they suggest and incubate at the same time.

As not only the pace but also the complexity of our lives has exponentially increased over the last few decades, we are now being confronted with systemic challenges that cannot be solved with the same way of thinking that initially created them. A change in our collective cognitive approach from causal to relational, linear to systemic, competitive to collaborative and individual to collective will be needed to help us to navigate the increasing complexity of the digital age.

We could call this a different way of thinking “the regenerative approach”. In a regenerative mindset a holistic perspective is applied, which considers the interconnectedness of all domains of life, such as social, cultural, economic, spiritual and scientific. This is what will enable the creation of truly nourishing experiences for all stakeholders as a regenerative living solution can develop the ideal conditions and frameworks for these domains to cross-pollinate each other...

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