December 07, 2022

Real People Making a Real Difference | LOFT Tree Planting


Back in 2020, we partnered with tree-planting organisation Gone West to help create a more sustainable world, committing to plant a tree for every apartment we furnish. We don’t just use sustainability as a buzzword, we’re taking affirmative measures. Real people making a real difference.

LOFT had previously planted 7,000+ trees over our last two tree-planting events, and all trees have been hand-planted by LOFT employees. It is greatly beneficial for LOFT employees to personally plant these trees as it gives a hands-on perspective of the company's commitment to sustainability and also gives a sense of collective accomplishment.

Our latest tree planting event in the beautiful valleys of Leek, Staffordshire saw us bring together 100 employees, friends, family and influential people from across the residential property sector to plant over 2,700 trees that will grow into a fully-fledged fruit forest. After this event, LOFT will have planted close to 10,000 trees - a typical tree can absorb around 21 kg per year when fully grown, so when the 9,700 LOFT trees have matured, up to 203,700 kg of carbon will be absorbed per year.



More Trees, Please!

Ian Bulcock is the owner of Oakapple Farm in Leek - a non-profit community farm founded 4 years ago with the objective of sustainably adding to the environment and educating people on environmental importance whilst reconnecting them to nature.

Over 8,000 trees have been planted at Oakapple Farm so far before the LOFT tree planting day, including 4 different woodland areas, various biodiversity areas, gardens, ponds, hedgerows and orchards. A truly special piece of land that benefits the local environment and wildlife immeasurably.

The project LOFT undertook through our tree planting was an ambitious, pioneering approach – we planted a fully-fledged food forest. To ensure this delicate eco-system would flourish for years to come, the trees had to be planted systematically; planting hedgerows around the outsides to protect the more delicate, fruit-bearing species planted in the middle.


"The enthusiasm and involvement LOFT have had in the approach to this project has been incredible. Without their passion, this pioneering food-forest plant would not be possible. I’m sure the energy and results from this will be infectious and get a lot of other people interested in what it is we’re doing here."

Ian Bulcock, Oakapple Farm Owner

One Tribe Live Stats

Expanding Our Net Zero Strategy

As well as planting trees to offset carbon, we also protect trees through another sustainability partner, One Tribe. One Tribe’s mission is to protect billions of trees and the planet for future generations by engaging businesses worldwide to actively engage in climate action.

LOFT and One Tribe are working together to protect rainforests with every purchase you make with us. Now when you purchase from LOFT you automatically save trees in the rainforest and help improve the carbon footprint of your purchase. LOFT is participating in the United Nations Framework for Climate Change to adopt the UN Sustainability Goals. Working together as one tribe to help fight climate change together.


Every tree planted is another step closer to our ultimate goal of Net Zero, the ultimate achievement of mirroring our ambitious sustainability goals and company vision. Having recently achieved official ESG Accreditation through ESGmark, we are well on the way to hitting Net Zero.

We have achieved this environmental accolade through an ongoing and innovative ESG strategy that is at the core of the business. Our dedication to offsetting our carbon footprint is a huge factor in ensuring we are operating as clean and green as possible.

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Sustainable Supplier, Sustainable Property

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