August 29, 2022

Power to the People - Red Penny & Partners


Build to Rent (BTR) has seen substantial growth of stabilised assets over the last five years, and as a result, new on-site teams and positions are being created on a weekly basis. The sector has been responsible for providing hundreds of jobs in local communities and has also shown incredible resilience so far throughout the COVID pandemic. Therefore, we must study how, as an industry, we ensure we Attract, Assess, Onboard, and Retain the talent that gives our building communities the best opportunity to thrive. Listed below are our four building blocks that we work with our clients on to ensure they maximise their chances of success.


We must never forget that many job applicants may not even know what the BTR sector is or the acronyms and job titles that are put into job descriptions. Always make sure your job descriptions and advertising capture your company’s tone of voice and values, but make sure the description of the role would be clear to somebody who has not ever worked in real estate but captures their transferable skills.


A job interview is as much the candidate selling to you as you are selling to them. Areas to consider when running a recruitment process:

• Make sure you have the right amount of interview stages relevant to their role.

• Are they the right length? Not too short, not too long.

• Are relevant stakeholders trained to interview and clear on what competency framework they are working to?

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