June 06, 2022

Planet Approved Products: A New Way of Sitting - SOFACOMPANY


SOFACOMPANY set out to challenge the furniture industry by offering high-quality design at fair prices. We have come a long way, not only in terms of design but for improved sustainability - this all comes down to the way we think.

Our sustainability journey touches many points of our business. Not only how we produce our furniture but also for designers, like me, how we design and what materials we choose.

All our furniture is built from a Scandinavian design tradition with solid wooden frames. Predominately using slow-growing FSC® certified pine wood from New Zealand, this is our way of securing responsible manufacturing. And the most important part of this material choice is that it lasts a lifetime. For us, long-lasting design is a big part of thinking sustainably. This includes the aesthetics of the design and the durability of the materials.

We offer a large selection of fabrics that all meet the criteria of having an element of recycled material and are OEKO-TEX certified. Choosing materials with certifications like OEKOTEX and FSC® is an important element for us because we are able to trust the materials we use. Another important element is that our production facilities in Vietnam are BSCI certified, which proves and ensures an ethically sustainable value chain.

Introducing a 100% sustainable sofa as part of our sustainable journey, we are soon introducing the Wilson sofa – our most ambitious sofa to date. The purpose was to challenge ourselves and experiment with new materials and different ways of doing things all without compromising quality or comfort....

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