April 03, 2022

People First Powered by Technology - Obeyo


In the past, the primary function of a home has been to provide a roof above one’s head. Today’s residents are however looking for more as = they seek convenient, hassle-free and emotionally enriching living experiences.

The pandemic has further accelerated this trend, and with a push towards remote work set-ups also dissolved the need to anchor one’s life next to a physical office space. This puts the traditional rental model of supplying a roof in exchange for a long-term payment under pressure: more and more your tenant experience will determine whether residents choose for your space, and how long they will stick around.

This quest for a more flexible and engaging living environment has given rise to alternative housing models such as coliving and - accompanied by a rise in urban loneliness - further transformed the mindset within the BTR sector: Putting people first by creating emotional and connected living experiences is becoming paramount to one’s future success. And while technology has the power to deliver such a living experience at scale, it has proven non-trivial to get that set-up right. With some early adopters across coliving, PBSA and BTR starting to explore the power of technology, many of their applications are however barely scratching the surface of what is possible to activate your community and bring your buildings to life...

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