May 25, 2020

Meet Alice Fulton-Russel - A Super Talent in the Interiors Design Industry

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LOFT’s Interior Design team has never looked better. Our close-knit group has made a huge impact across the BTR, BTL, PBSA sectors and more. From design veterans to the newest talent, LOFT is well and truly prepared for all your Interior Design needs.

A recent addition to the team, we welcomed Alice Fulton-Russell to our ranks back in December, an Interior Design graduate who has been a main-stay in the industry since January 2016. To date, the hospitality, student, office and residential sectors have all felt the benefit of her Interior Design prowess.

In June 2019, Alice entered ‘The Bedroom of Tomorrow’ competition hosted by Global Student Accommodation (GSA). The students were tasked with designing a bedroom to promote wellbeing and boost mental health, addressing the current issues with student accommodation.

And Alice isn’t just a superstar by our standards. She’s critically acclaimed on an international scale, too.

For her submission, Alice had to prepare a 2-3 page presentation on her design with a 90 second video introducing herself and the thought process behind her design. A couple of weeks later, an email came along telling Alice she was one of seven winners who would be travelling to Barcelona to take part in a week of workshops on design and architecture run by leading industry professionals. The seven winners hailed from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan and the United Arab Emirates, and each winner brought their own unique views to the table. By the end of their stay in Barcelona, the seven winners had come up with a design for the ultimate ‘Bedroom of Tomorrow,’ a combination of all their best ideas.

Despite being one of the brightest young minds in UK Interior Design, Alice nearly missed out on the competition altogether! Our Project Director Ben Etherington found the competition on the day of the deadline and encouraged Alice to enter. She only had six hours to come up with a design whilst other entrants had months to prepare. It’s a testament to Alice’s skills as an Interior Designer that she was able to come up with a winning concept in such a short timeframe.

Alice made such an impact that GSA asked her to come back this year as an industry professional to oversee students covering ‘The Study Space of Tomorrow.’ Unfortunately, the event that was to take place in Rome was postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but simply being regarded so highly in the first place is a huge achievement.

“They said that they loved my passion for wellbeing in design, and thought I would be a really good mentor for the next wave of aspiring designers — I think I cried a little.”

As a leading interiors partner for many student accommodation providers, we’re so proud of Alice’s achievement, but we’re not at all surprised at her success. Every member of our Interior Design team has the skills and knowledge to design perfect living spaces for students in PBSA and residents in BTR accommodation. We specialise in coming up with designs to promote wellbeing, keeping everyone as happy and healthy as possible.

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