November 02, 2022

LOFT’s Journey to Net Zero: ESGmark Accreditation


For LOFT to improve our environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and contribute towards a cleaner future for all, it is crucial to set a clear framework of ESG policy commitments. Without establishing clear standards across our operations, it is difficult to implement our sustainability practices and to ensure that our colleagues, partners and suppliers uphold these company values.

We are delighted to say we have recently achieved this ESG accreditation through ESGmark. The ESGmark is a symbol of trust and distinction. It is awarded to organisations that act positively about the planet, to their stakeholders and society. It is a visible way for an organisation to proudly demonstrate its ESG credentials to the world. The ESGmark community is for people and organisations who care about the planet and society.


Who Are ESGmark?

ESGmark was founded by two long-standing colleagues, Portia Patel and Justin Bates, both top-ranked analysts working together in the investment industry. They observed that ESG-focused investing is growing as a hugely important theme, with investors increasingly demanding that the companies they invest in meet their own Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.

The founders realised that organisations of all sizes, not just large national and global corporations, want to play a role in addressing the climate crisis and securing a fairer society for all. Their research led them to conclude that a new standard was required. It needed to simplify the complex subject of sustainability and provide a framework of straightforward action points for those seeking to make positive changes. Thus, ESGmark was born.


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An ESG Driven Mission

Through a certification process, the ESGmark to organisations, irrespective of size, which proves they are committed to making a positive difference to the environment, their clients, employees and communities.

The mission of ESGmark is to:

  • Inform, educate and empower organisations to act

  • Help companies navigate their ESG journey 

  • Promote their ESG credentials to the growing population of environmentally and socially conscious consumers

ESGmark is a symbol of trust and distinction, which allows consumers to identify organisations who believe in and act to deliver a fairer, more sustainable future.  

The founders have assembled a team of highly-qualified individuals from a variety of disciplines, united by a passion for driving sustainability in business, to bring ESGmark to life.


LOFT’s Dedication to ESG

We have achieved this environmental accolade through an ongoing and innovative ESG strategy that is at the core of the business. Our dedication to offsetting our carbon footprint is a huge factor in ensuring we are operating clean and green.

In 2020 we partnered with Gone West to help create a more sustainable world, committing to plant a tree for every apartment we furnish. Together we aren't just thinking about sustainability, we’re taking affirmative measures. Real people making a real difference. LOFT have planted 7,000+ trees to date and all trees have been hand-planted by LOFT employees. It is greatly beneficial for LOFT employees to personally plant these trees as it gives a hands-on perspective of the company's commitment to sustainability and also gives a sense of collective accomplishment.

Every tree planted is another step closer to our ultimate goal of Net Zero, the ultimate achievement of mirroring our ambitious sustainability goals and company vision. Our recent tree-planting event gathered employees, clients, friends and family to individually plant over 2,500 trees.




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