August 15, 2022

Lofti, The Ultimate Property Management Platform for Letting Agents


At LOFT, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to simplify our client's experience. That is why we are partnering with the property management platform, Lofti. They are the go-to property management platform for maximising your property's yield in the most efficient way possible while taking the workload off you.


Who Are Lofti?

Lofti is a property management software, founded in 2020 by Andreas Gkerazis, now CEO of the start-up. At that time Andreas was a portfolio Landlord owning more than 15 properties and managing more than 50 tenancies.

Back in 2020 Covid was just getting started and the world was slowing down, on the other hand, Andreas decided to ramp up his (and all property managers) game. He founded Lofti, the first FCA-regulated end-to-end property management platform.

The innovative platform covers all admin tasks a property manager needs to perform, from the pre-tenancy stage with templates, integrated e-signing solutions and full in-house RGI eligible tenant referencing service all the way up to repairs and maintenance management.


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What Can Lofti Do For Me?

Lofti is the first FCA regulated Property Management Software on the market meaning you can manage, insure and get access to finance all in one place with expert adviser input! Admin automation of repetitive tasks is at core of the Lofti platform. Below are some practical examples:

  • Tenant enquiries are automatically created in the platform through an API integration with Rightmove and Zoopla. As soon as a tenant expresses interest in one of our clients' properties listed on those market-leading platforms their data is pushed to the platform, a new enquiry is created, and the property manager is notified

  • Rent payments are reconciled using Xero, market leading accountancy service provider through an API integration

  • Repairs & Maintenance requests are raised by the tenants through their free Lofti App, the property manager gets notified and either solves it or assigns a contractor.


The Lofti Ecosystem allows tenants to contact their landlords & agents directly through the Lofti app. Therefore, they are not only streamlining operations in the repairs and maintenance processes as stated above but also collaborate to improve the overall relationship and communication with their property managers.

At Lofti we have an in-house team of developers working around the clock on the development of the platform. The platform was built from scratch with a modular philosophy. This means that our users, letting agents and Landlords, won't have to use a pre-digested platform with all the related complications.

On the contrary, they'll be able to use the modules of the platform that they really need adapting the platform to their needs rather than adapting their needs to the platform as it usually happens nowadays with competitor platforms.


Why Should You Be Using Lofti as Your Property Management Platform?

Time is the only thing that we cannot control, which is why it is so important to use it wisely, especially when you are busy managing and looking to constantly grow your property portfolio.

With legislation in continuous evolution, tenants being more and more demanding and the constant stacks of admin tasks adding up, it makes sense now more than ever to look out for technological solutions that will help you save time on your daily operations.

Indeed, having the right property management software system in place within your property letting business will save you the hours you previously wasted on countless admin tasks, chasing contractors, renewing property documents, keeping tenants in the loop and the list goes on!


How Will Lofti Help Me?

  • Property managers should follow some good habits that will inadvertently save them time and unnecessary headaches:

  • Track your time, use the Lofti calendar feature to ensure you plan your weeks ahead and get the maximum out of your time when it comes to working with and on your portfolio.

  • Keep a log of notes and updates that you can refer to instead of piles of paper on Lofti's integrated property management platform.

  • Communicate with your tenants – by using Lofti you'll have dedicated messaging channels to manage and improve the way you handle tenant requests, ordinary communication and repairs & maintenance matters.

  • Check before you let – Lofti's full professional tenant referencing process will save you from renting out to the wrong tenant!

  • .Mortgage & Insurance partner services to help expand your offering and increase revenue

  • Renew your home furniture using the exclusive offers Lofti has with LOFT.


You can book a demo with Lofti here to begin your journey to simplified, stress-free property management.


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