April 13, 2022

LOFT x Landlord Smart: Giving Landlords a Finance Option to Improve Resident Experience


LOFT has been built upon a foundation of trust and collaboration. Through the years, we have been fortunate to partner with some of the residential property sector’s brightest and most ambitious businesses and individuals. Each of our partnerships has shared the same crucial theme; to simplify the landlord experience and improve the residents living experience.


That is why we are so excited to announce our new partnership with Landlord Smart! Landlord Smart are all about simplifying the landlord experience and giving each landlord an equal opportunity to create beautiful interiors that residents will cherish. By providing specialist lease finance for furniture to landlords, it helps landlords retain their capital for further investment and expansion. So, how will using Landlord Smart’s service benefit you and your property?


Don’t Settle for Sparse Interiors


Whether a landlord is handling a large-scale portfolio or a single property, they will all have an idealistic vision of what they would like to offer residents. Unfortunately, to fully realise these visions, a large amount of funding may be required. In today’s economy, beginning the journey into the rental property may seem like a daunting endeavour for budding landlords and they may be in need of an injection of capital to even start.

That’s where Landlord Smart come in. They can help landlords, no matter the scale of their portfolio or what level they are operating on, to create a property that will stand out on the market. Quality furnished interiors are proven to increase higher resident wellbeing, retention, and acquisition rates. Property Wire reported that data from OnTheMarket found a furnished flat in Manchester could yield on average an extra £101 a month for landlords, which is an increase of around 15% for a two-bed property.

A property filled with mismatched furniture that is dated or worn-out will not stand out in the marketplace and will certainly not attract residents to want to stay for a long period of time. When furnished properly with on-trend furnishings and unique touches, the interior space will feel more personable to residents and easily improve acquisition and retention rates. Of course, all landlords ideally want to create such interiors to make their property more appealing, but all landlords do not have the up-front capital to achieve this; now with the help of Landlord Smart, they can.


The Smart Choice for Landlords


Still not convinced if leasing furniture is the move for you? Let’s summarise some of what Landlord Smart can do for you and your property portfolio:

Retain Capital

You don’t need to part with your own hard-earned cash upfront. Landlord Smart pays the supplier for you, and you pay the lease over 3 years from the revenue your project generates.

Tax Savings

Rather than capital expenditure, a lease allows you to claim every monthly payment as a revenue expense to your business before your tax is calculated on profit.

Freedom of Choice

Landlord Smart are driven by price, therefore without the worry of finding the capital upfront you can choose what you want rather than what you can afford.


Make the move today, expand quicker and create the stand-out property you’ve always envisaged. Get in touch with Landlord Smart here -




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