April 03, 2022

LOFT x COHO: Simplifying the House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Landlord & Tenant Experience


LOFT x COHO: Simplifying the HMO’s Landlord & Tenant Experience

At LOFT, our track record of creating engaging and harmonious interiors within the co-living and HMO sector has been mutually beneficial. As well as having the opportunity to create stunning interior spaces for a wide range of housemates, it has also taught us many things – namely, it has fully helped us understand the power of positive collaborations and the exciting opportunities that can cultivate when like-minded people combine.  

That is why we are always keeping our eye out for collaboration opportunities across the whole residential property sector, as a People First company, we are inspired by people and how they are helping to develop the sector. That is why we are thrilled to begin our partnership with COHO, the first property management software that works really well for HMO property portfolios.

So, what is COHO doing within the sector to create a better experience for all stakeholders? 

Happier Housemates Make Better Investments

COHO recognises that this generation of tenants want more than just a place to live. Renters want a modern level of customer service and value the experience that they can have throughout the duration of their stay.

There's nothing more impersonal than not knowing who you will be living with. COHO promotes compatibility among the household, encouraging each housemate to set up a profile which displays their interests. Housemates who enjoy living together tend to look after the property better and stay for longer, which is a win-win for everyone. COHO also helps you set up a transparent communication channel with tenants, hence enabling a smooth onboarding of the tenant.

Not only is this factor essential in ensuring a positive resident experience, but it is also an efficient method of minimising vacancy rates. When residents are compatible and enjoying the co-living experience, they are much more likely to stay for longer. Successful HMO and co-living operations understand the nuance involved in creating a positive experience for residents sharing homes and appreciate there is a multitude of living styles that residents can fit into.  

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A Stress-Free Landlord Experience 

Another reason that LOFT can understand and appreciate COHO’s operating model is that we share a common goal; to alleviate the stress of landlords and create a fluid and simplistic experience. At its core, COHO is a property management platform that brings all aspects of managing shared living properties and housemates into one workflow. 

At a base cost of just £1 per unit per month, the simplistic pricing system helps create a sense of what COHO are trying to achieve.   

Some further features that aim to simplify the HMO landlord’s experience include applicant onboarding including in-house e-Sign, maintenance management within the messaging centre and compliance management: 

Applicant Onboarding 

  • Seamless, efficient management of a flexible onboarding process across your whole portfolio. 

  • Optional holding fee to reserve the room 

  • Flexible application forms that mean no more double-keying of data 

  • Automatic calculation of pro-rata rent to create a rent schedule 

  • Applicants acknowledge compliance documents as you onboard them 

  • Save time using COHO eSignature to sign and confirm the tenancy agreement 

  • Flexible move-in monies calculator 

Maintenance & Unified Messaging

  • Communicating with housemates made easier for your tenants and the whole team. 

  • Maintenance issues reported, managed and tracked to completion 

  • All relevant property and housemate messages in one place 


  • Keeping abreast of all of the compliance issues, regulations and legislation when working with an HMO property portfolio is particularly onerous. 

  • Store and share documents 

  • Get renewal reminders 

  • Tenants acknowledge receipt 

  • Audit trail 

Also discover Tenant Find (with a link to SpareRoom), property performance reporting, welcome packs and so much more. You’ll see, COHO neat and simple approach makes it easy for both manager and tenant to jump right in and get productive together fast.

Instant Demo  

Choosing a property management system can seem like a difficult task, so COHO have created a fully working but fictional property portfolio complete with rooms, tenants, and working scenarios of viewings, tenant onboarding, maintenance and tenancy management including rent collection.  


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A refreshingly simplistic experience for landlords and residents alike, let COHO take care of the hard work and create a memorable co-living experience for all stakeholders. LOFT have collaborated with COHO to offer a 15% discount on all LOFT furniture and furnishings exclusively to all COHO members.

Make the most of your time and investments - let LOFT and COHO take care of your furnishing and property management needs.



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