July 14, 2022

Living Sustainably - Sigma Capital Group


In our evolving sleek and efficient world, where we live and how we live is being redefined. Local and global issues have seen a focus shift and those things which are important are changing. Access to outdoor green space, a quiet area within our homes to work, beautiful interiors that are also comfortable and practical, and of course accessible technology, are just some of the considerations.

We face constant reference and challenge in relation to our health and wellbeing, the state of our planet, and the impact of all of these factors on people. We read much about what we should be doing, our responsibilities, our legacy. It can all be a little overwhelming - but only if we allow it!

I believe responsibility belongs to us all, and as we set the scene in the BTR space and encourage others to join a lifestyle choice, we have related responsibility to people and the planet. By providing opportunity for sustainable living, we encourage thought, discussion and action. Behaviours have space and opportunity to evolve and change for the better. When we declutter, Spring clean, redecorate, and the like, do we consider how our ‘stuff’ can be repurposed, reused, shared or given a second life for someone else to enjoy. In the last year I have met a myriad of creative and positive thinking people; people with a desire to make a real positive difference. As we consider the lifecycle and lifetime impact of all we do and create, innovation springs up, creativity thrives and people think outside the box.

The notion of a circular economy is not new, where little gets wasted and when something is truly at the end of its life and use, consideration is given to how it can be reinvented as something new. Social media and TV are full of sites and programmes demonstrating repurposing, recreating, fixing and making good. Connections and links are made to our emotions, or sense of place and purpose. Governments are offering incentives and grants to new businesses where sustainability measures and considered thought is given in planning...

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