June 09, 2021

4 Key Reasons to Use LOFT

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Operating as LOFT for nearly two decades, there’s not much we haven’t seen in the way of interior design and furniture. We were there for the rise of BTL, BTR and PBSA. We’ve been at the forefront of environmental changes in furniture, championing the “resident first” approach to the private rental sector and understanding the unique challenges landlords face.

Put simply, our years of experience, the knowledge we’ve gained and the steps we take make our team a wise choice if you’re looking for a standout external partner in the property industry.

But exactly what makes us so different? What is it that makes our brand the go-to option for many landlords, developers and operators?

First and foremost; we care. We care about you, we care about your residents, we care about the environment and we care about getting the job done right.

In this blog, we highlight the ways our approach has set us apart and why our ways will always work in your best interests.

Our Corporate Responsibilities to the Environment

Every industry is opening its eyes to the damage our planet suffers from on a daily basis. From the motor trade all the way through to fashion and food, we’re all looking at ways to lessen the impact on the environment.

Research reveals that around 22 million pieces of furniture go to landfill every year in Britain.

To us, that’s unacceptable.

One of our key aims is to help to make a positive change in the industry. Our team can remove and recycle any old pieces of furniture you want to get rid of as well as all the packaging that comes with new pieces.

89% of our recyclable waste is sent to an RDF plant to be converted into electricity. We also partner with The Furniture Recycling Group to recycle and repurpose around 3000 old mattresses each year, giving the materials a new purpose instead of sending them to landfill. 

Using Sustainable Materials

With a constantly changing climate, everybody and every company needs to make sure they’re doing their bit. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and limit the effect we have on the world around us. 

We work with all our suppliers and contacts to try to source sustainable materials that are still fit for purpose wherever possible. We feel passionately that homes can be both beautiful and good for the environment without the need for compromise. 

Wherever we can, we also use natural materials, such as bamboo, stone, clay and wood when furnishing to limit the amount of damage to the planet.   

Our Decades of Experience 

LOFT has been around in one fashion or another since 2003. But our founders — Robert, Benjamin & Rita Hall — have been working as PRS furniture suppliers for much, much longer. At heart, we’re a family business with a family attitude.

In this time, we have developed a core mentality that drives every project we are involved in: new furniture is delivered, assembled and installed with old, unwanted items removed, replaced and recycled.

We have delivered excellent spaces for all aspects of the market with over 100 build to rent/private rented sector properties, and over 200 student focused developments under our belt in the last few years alone. 

Since founding, we have brought together a world class in-house design team to help us better deliver on spaces that make residents feel proud of where they live. They breathe life into any interior project, filling it with creative flair, without ever compromising on quality or efficiency. 

Our knowledge and know-how is our greatest strength, for us and for our clients. 

Keeping Residents Happy

At LOFT, we have a love for design, for creating breathtaking spaces and for keeping up with all of the latest design trends. 

However, we have another true passion, and that’s people. We want to create spaces that are special and make a house feel like a home for your residents.

We know that rental properties aren’t just investments. They’re safe spaces where people live their everyday lives. It’s where families snuggle up on the sofa on a cold winter’s night and where they run around playing in the summer. Memories are made in your property, and we want to help your residents make as many memories as possible.

The Impact of Interiors on Mental Health

Nothing in life is more important today than mental health. Neglecting it can have a deep effect on you. Day-to-day stresses as well as isolation from friends and loved ones can pile up and weigh you down. We help where we can.

People spend so much time indoors that it’s important to spend it in a space that can do some good for you; light, uncluttered spaces can relax the mind and positively affect human behaviour. 

For nearly twenty years we have been watching. Watching what makes people tick and what makes them happy. Anything that brings a person joy in their space we aim to replicate. 

LOFT Offers a Full Service 

We don’t just deliver furniture and leave you to handle everything else. One of the main reasons our clients come back to us time and time again is because we take responsibility for really making a property stand out while lessening the burden on you.

It all starts when you first get in contact with us. You’re assigned an account manager — the glue who holds everything together. Whatever service you need from us, they’re the ones who ensure we deliver on that need.

But what are these services? Here’s the full list:

  • Interior design

  • Replenishment & refurbishment

  • All items delivered and installed

  • All packaging and old items removed and responsibly disposed of

  • Property staging

  • Furniture rentals for show flats

  • Coordination with other external partners

  • Flexibility on delivery times (because life is unpredictable)

  • Unique & one-off products sourced

  • Full transparency (you’ll be kept updated at every step)

If you’re tight on time, we can even collect the keys to your property for installations and return them at your convenience.

We’ve worked in this industry for many years. Nobody knows better than we do the challenges landlords face. This is why every service we offer reduces the stress on you at every possible opportunity.

Your One-Stop Shop 

LOFT’s people-first mentality can be summed up in the core values of the company. We are a one-stop solution for whatever you need; from concept right through to installation and beyond.

If you need assistance with your property we are here to help, delivering maximum value for our customers by understanding their needs. This allows us to deliver world class designs efficiently and on-time. 

We provide a human-centric service with environmental, social and ethical awareness. This is what sets us apart and ensures you and your residents get the best service possible. Be sure to reach out to our team if you need any help with your rental property.


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