March 25, 2022

It’s Time for Build To Rent (BTR) to Go Green... Or Go Home! - Amber


You’d be surprised how many people have told us that they’ve switched to green energy tariffs, celebrating: “We’ve done it. Our business is Net Zero!” Unfortunately, a get out of jail free card like this just doesn’t exist. But remember that doing the right thing by the planet will open new doors of opportunity going forwards.


Profit and purpose are finally starting to align. ESG scores are anchoring businesses who look after the planet close to the shore – where they can enjoy cheaper capital, better brand image, and greater prosperity.


Conversely, those who pay no attention to sustainability will remain in choppy waters. It’s now more important than ever for you to weave Net Zero into your decision-making. And that is why I wanted to share three simple tips which I hope will help you to progress your Net Zero plans in 2022.... To read the full article plus much more insight on the build to rent sector, download the BTR Living magazine below.


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