November 30, 2022

'Hyper-connected Humanity' at The Class Conference 2022


Over 700 attendees from various European industries gathered last week in Madrid for this year's Class Conference — 'Hyper-connected Humanity'. LOFT were delighted to be there as Official Furniture Sponsor, showcasing our on-trend shared living furniture and brand new brochure while ensuring all attendees were supremely comfortable.

The Class Conference sought to elevate the conversations surrounding real estate, co-living, co-working, technology, higher education, and the student experience. These two days comprised site tours of forward-thinking PBSA schemes, awards, and a full day's worth of stimulating discussion and networking. 

The conference also highlighted the main focus points surrounding these sectors for the immediate future as more and more of the next generation wake up to their ecological sensibilities, the focus is turned to the theme of cleaner, greener developments in the industry. LOFT are no strangers to creating sustainable student interiors throughout the years, and some of our work was acknowledged at the event awards for just that.



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Creating Award Winning Student Interiors

LOFT designed, delivered and installed the stunning wellbeing-focused interiors of CA Venture’s Silk Mill, Edinburgh and we were delighted to see it take home the coveted Best In Class Award for Best Student Housing Property. Here’s what the judges had to say about the award-winning interiors and development:

“The commitment to design and student wellness is felt everywhere. It runs from design and construction all the way down to facilities promoting healthier lifestyles for students, both physically and mentally. All spaces are designed to exude a sense of peace and tranquility using plants, natural light, greenery, and open space, ultimately delivering the perfect environment for student living.”

To see how we accomplished these award-winning interiors for CA Ventures, read more here.


Key Takeaways & Future Plans

So, what does it mean to be truly connected? And what were the main focus points from this two-day conference?

  • The future is circular:

    Optimizing the spaces we have and giving unused places new purpose are important parts of contributing to a circular economy.

  • Retention and mobility — two sides of the same coin?:

    By becoming more open, cities can become more attractive. Create opportunities for talent to thrive in and outside of your city and the rest will come.

  • Hear’em out:

    Involving students and the youth is important for creating better cities as they will benefit the economy and social surroundings in turn.

  • Campus as a ‘third space’ for the anytime, anywhere:

    University campuses move from a merely physical space to a multi-faceted community space where learning also happens outside of the classroom.

  • Blending in: The campus and the city:

    It is important for campuses to be incorporated to the city it is located in, allowing for students to be connected to the greater community and vice versa.

  • A laboratory for green experiments:

    A campus is similar to a small city, and thus we can ingrain sustainable values into student bodies with the use of green infrastructure and tools, in the hopes of cities following suit. 

  • University and PBSA collaborate to enhance student living:

    The two key stakeholders responsible for shaping the student experience should work together not only in improving their studies and place of stay, but their entire academic, professional, and social experience as a whole.

  • We are here for you managing crisis:

    Maintaining positive well-being for students is a crucial goal for many higher education institutions and operators, and inclusion, access to help, and staff training are some of the ways to do this.

  • Investing in the future generation: As we reimagine the urban spaces for the future, investors must now also work much closer together with operators to keep operating expenses low,  adhere to ESG standards, and bring attention to affordability. In a time of caution, investors and developers need to be much more forensic in their choices.


The Madrid edition of The Class Conference was jam-packed with innovative ideas for the present and future as we learn from the highs and lows of the past to rethink the ways we can optimise how the youth of today learn, live and grow.

How we deploy hyperconnected spaces, and technology to bring young people together, to provide them avenues for success professionally, to create cities and campuses where learning takes place not just from the books but from their environment too. Where, ultimately, all stakeholders, come together to create spaces, and initiatives that allow the youth to pursue their dreams, give them the freedom to choose where they live, and how they work.  

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