June 07, 2021

How to Furnish a Rental Property for the High-End Market

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How do you handle requests to furnish a rental property for the high-end market? Without a go-to furniture supplier who specialises in luxury brands, knowing who to turn to is difficult.

There are plenty of hotspots across the UK where standard furniture — even at the top end of the market — won’t do. Some of these key areas include:

  • Cheshire

  • Mayfair

  • Bowden

  • Wimbledon

In late March 2021, a property in Mayfair was reportedly rented to the head of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer for a cool £50,000 a week. And you can bet there’s no flat-pack furniture in sight.

Whether a rental property is for a business high-flyer, a footballer, a successful influencer or anyone in between, they expect nothing but the best. Even the more moderate successful tenants looking to rent in places such as Didsbury want more than what the average and above-average brands have to offer.

You shouldn’t be the one to find these brands. That job is more suited to an interior designer than a property agent.

How Can an Interior Designer Help Furnish a High-End Rental Property?

There aren’t many blogs in the world that compare luxury furniture to a fast food restaurant, but it will all make sense in a moment.

Think of high-end furniture as items from the fabled Duck & Waffle Secret Menu. You have to know specifically what you’re asking for and approach the right person.

An interior designer is the Duck & Waffle waiter. They know what it is you want, and they can ask the staff to complete your order. Once you get the secret product you’ve paid for, there’s a sense of pride, knowing you’ve got something that no one else in the restaurant has.

This is precisely how it works with furniture. Interior designers have a lot of insider knowledge and the right contacts in the industry. If you need furnishings that aren’t available on the high street or online, you have to approach someone who can find these items.

Detailed designs can be drawn up and sent to manufacturers if tenants want something completely unique. There are also trade brands out there that only supply to interior designers, so it’s worth asking what top-end pieces are already in stock.

Let the Expert Take the Lead

If you want to know how to furnish a rental property for the high-end market, the simple answer is you don’t. An expert should do it instead.

Can you honestly say interior design, property staging and modern furniture trends are subjects you’re keen on? It’s a property agent’s role to keep tenants happy, but that doesn’t mean you have to shoulder all the burdens. You can’t be expected to manage properties all day and then go home to read interior design magazines in the evening.

Designers have a real passion for the subject and an eye for detail. They can take a good look at the property being rented out and come up with near endless suggestions. All designers need to know in the beginning is what your client and their tenants want from furnishings, and they can get to work putting detailed plans in place.

Interior designers create mood boards based on the space they’re working with and the taste of your clients. This gives everyone a good visual idea of how the property will look when fully furnished, so getting the go ahead to carry out the work is easier.

Chances are high your client or their tenant will want to talk through the designs. An interior designer is the one who should be answering any questions. They have the knowledge, the skills and the passion for furnishings, which instills confidence. If it’s not your strength, let an expert take the lead.

Practical Tips on How to Furnish a Rental Property for the High-End Market

An interior designer will help greatly when getting a property ready for tenants. But, if you’d rather oversee the process, here are some key tips on how to furnish a rental property for the high-end market:

#1: Remember the Budget

Normally, the advice is to save as much money as possible on furniture without skimping on quality, but high-end pieces buck the trend.

If your client has tens of thousands to spend on furniture, you can’t go to them with a £2500 furniture pack. Anyone who has that amount of money to spend wants to use it.

That doesn’t mean taking the same furniture pack and sticking another zero on the end. You have to source pieces that fit the bill entirely in terms of style, durability, practicality and cost. In short, you have to provide great value for money, or someone else will.

#2: Go With Quality

What’s defined as quality is usually up for interpretation, but when furnishing a property for the high-end market, it’s a straightforward concept.

A quality piece of furniture not only looks the part, but it’s built to last (and will probably be the envy of anyone else who sees it).

These items are hard to find — especially at a great price. Not only are interior designers best placed to find these pieces, they can usually get them at a much better cost, as suppliers get a lot of high end custom through having a great working relationship with industry professionals.

#3: Find the Right Style

A contemporary look is the popular choice for luxury rental properties, but it’s not to everyone’s taste. Before souring any pieces, ask lots of questions. Get to know the style your client and their ideal tenants are interested in.

Statement pieces make a property stand out, but don’t overdo things. Keep the overall feel homely yet cool, and let tenants find a way to put their own stamp on the property.

#4: Make Sure Everything has a Function

Style without substance is pointless. You can find a beautiful table with a crystal top, but if you can’t put a coffee cup down on it, then it’s a waste of space.

Furnishings you put in have to do more than look pretty. Think about what each piece will be used for, and make sure it can stand up to that function.

When you’re thinking about style, remember it’s the little things that make a house a home. Cosy lighting, a few house plants, a vase full of bright and vibrant flowers; it all goes a long way in making a resident feel like the property is where they truly belong.

Looking to Order off the Secret Menu?

Finding the right furnishings for a high-end rental property online or in-store isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean these items can’t be found. Interior designers know where to look, what the market is asking for and how to use furnishings to bring out the best in a property.

All you have to do is ask.


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