November 10, 2020

How to Attract Buyers Through Property Staging

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What is Property Staging?

First impressions are quite often lasting impressions. This is even more relevant when it comes to selling property in today’s competitive marketplace with 90% of buyers choosing to view properties online first. 

With the world now needing to adapt and overcome challenges COVID-19 has thrown our way, marketing your property with eye-catching campaign photos and professional open home viewings, be they virtual or in person, is going to be even more crucial. Staging your property with LOFT will assist your property in standing out from the crowd and achieve the best sale price in the shortest possible time frame.

At LOFT, our objective is to make your home as desirable as possible and to help potential buyers envisage themselves living there. In 2019, 83% of property developers saw an increase in the offer value of a staged property, 33% of which were above 10% of the original asking price. Our team of highly experienced interior designers provide a wealth of knowledge on home staging and property presentation through the use of carefully selected furniture and homewares to showcase the lifestyle your property has to offer. By highlighting the positive features of your property and overcoming any challenging aspects it may have, property staging can be an extremely influential tool in selling a property.

With distribution centres in Manchester and London, we are able to offer a nationwide service catering to all property sizes, styles, values as well as budgets. With our team’s depth of expertise, it enables us to deliver bespoke styling, which is tailored to specific buyer demographics and varying property types.

Whether you own an investment property in Slough, looking to sell your four bedroom family home in Manchester or your two bedroom apartment in Battersea, LOFT’s extensive range of furniture and accessories can cover it all.

With over 115,000 square metres of warehouse space filled with beautiful products, our knowledgeable team of designers coupled with our skilled installation team can take a property from site visit to installation in 10 days!

Why You Need Property Staging

Latest research, from emoov, shows that UK home buyers are currently taking 65 minutes before submitting an offer in order to buy a home, spending an average of 27 minutes at each viewing and returning for between 2 and 3 viewings. That’s just a little over an hour to impress potential buyers and sell your home! 

Interestingly 63% of buyers are prepared to pay more for a ‘move in ready’ property.  This is just one reason why fully preparing your property for the market is essential if you want to achieve the best possible price.

Following the rise in popularity of home staging in the UK over recent years, there is now plenty of evidence of its success, both in terms of increased price paid and reduced time spent on the market. But if you need any further evidence as to why LOFT should be staging your property here is another 5 reasons for you:

It Helps Your Property Stand Out

Having beautiful photos of your property taken after it’s been staged by LOFT can attract a whole new set of buyers you may have never reached with photos of an empty home; it can also encourage click-throughs from people who may have scrolled past your property otherwise.

Properties that look beautiful in print, online and in person can help to achieve the best price in the shortest possible time with the Home Staging Association reporting 75% of homebuyers spend more time viewing a home that is staged, as opposed to a non-staged home.  

Staged Rooms Appear Larger

People tend to perceive an empty room to be smaller than what it actually is. Furnishing a room is a beneficial tool to provide perspective and allows potential buyers the ability to see what the room is able to accommodate. A beautifully staged room will look and feel bigger and proves to buyers that their double bed really will fit! For this reason, property staging is particularly useful in small homes or those with awkward floor plans. 

Staged Open-Plan Living Spaces Make More Sense

Over the past decade, the demand for open-plan living has increased and developers are continuing to respond to this demand. These large, empty spaces can prove challenging for most buyers struggling to envisage where to put their furniture or how the room will feel once their furniture is in place.

With 97% of people not being able to imagine what they don’t see, asking a buyer to make sense of a large, empty space can prove difficult. Staging a property with carefully placed, well-proportioned furniture and accessories will help viewers see how to divide the areas into ‘zones’ and how well their furniture can fit.

Create Emotion 

Walking into a beautifully styled space can evoke positive emotions in potential buyers. By introducing the right combination of colour and texture through the use of furniture, art and soft furnishings a potential

buyer is able to envisage themselves living there. This can quite often drive up the price if multiple buyers can picture themselves living in the home. 

Properties Sell Faster

According to the Home Staging Association ‘Staged homes spend, on average, half the time on the market than non-staged homes.’ As well as: ‘The average staging investment is between 1% and 3% of the home’s asking price, which generates a ROI of 8% to 10%. Generally, staged homes sell over 8% above asking price.’ In addition to this 86% of estate agents agree that a staged home will sell up to 3 times faster than a non-staged home!

LOFT’s Property Staging Process

  1. Get in Touch – A member of our dedicated team will start by asking for a copy of your floor plan and any other relevant information about your property such as location, size and value, so that we can provide a tailored quotation specific to your property and requirements.

  2. Quotation – Once we have all the relevant information, we will send you an obligation-free estimate quotation within 24 hours for you to review.

  3. Site Visit – A member of the LOFT design team will visit your property to measure up, confirm the inventory, evaluate access and the style of your property.

  4. Design – Following payment, a LOFT designer will begin to select your bespoke furniture scheme. They will carefully select furniture pieces and accessories best suited to your property and the target demographic ensuring to maximise the property value. Our furniture is sourced from our select range of UK and European suppliers.

  5. Delivery and Installation – On the day of installation our trained installation team, along with a LOFT designer, will dress your property to the highest of standards. A white-glove service ensures installation of your scheme is simple and hassle free; installations are usually completed within one working day, depending on requirements. LOFT can also collect and return keys to estate agents, if required, as well as offering a photography service to ensure those picture perfect campaign photos are captured.

  6. Collection – As soon as you no longer require the furniture, book in your collection and our experienced team will come and carefully remove the furniture and accessories. There is also an option to purchase the furniture at the end of the rental agreement.

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