November 24, 2021

How Purpose Built Shared Living (PBSL) Creates Community & Provides Solutions


PBSL & The Positive Impact of Coliving

Purpose Built Shared Living (PBSL) is about so much more than just providing communal living and working spaces for its residents. It is about fostering community, inciting connections and nurturing relationships all within spaces designed to naturally prevent isolation.

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it is perspective. We have all experienced what life is like when community and physical connections are stripped away and the toll it can take on our mental wellbeing. Being able to view the world from such an isolated standpoint has only reinforced the importance of our relationships and feeling part of a community.

What PBSL can offer residents among many other things is the opportunity to always feel part of a ready-made community to call upon whenever needed. It is not constant interaction people crave; it is the security in knowing that people are there when needed.

It is important there is firstly strong foundations put in place to cultivate community and promote it to flourish. People’s environments and interiors deeply impact how they live, work and connect with others.

As a People First company above all else, LOFT understands people. Their needs and wants, what brings them joy and what makes them feel the value and appreciation they deserve. We use this knowledge to design interiors that elevate coliving experiences and provide the all-important foundation for a holistic community to grow. See for yourself how we have created inspiring spaces for various communities to grow through People First Design.


A Present & Future Solution

PBSL is not just a solution to combating isolation and feelings of loneliness, it is future-proofing for a new world of imminent urbanization within cities. The impact of urbanization has led to complex challenges that need to be addressed across the housing sector. It has also contributed to widening the gap between income levels and housing prices, resulting in the lowest rate of homeownership measured in recent history, mainly caused by the struggle of younger generations to get on the housing ladder.

As populations grow and housing within cities struggles to keep up with the modern residents’ changing requirements, coliving is presenting itself as an indisputable residential option. PBSL is also very appealing to city developers as it encourages young professionals to stay in the city due to the affordable price point and the built-in working and studying spaces. As well as inciting a community feeling throughout, PBSL propels collaboration and ingenuity through inspirational spaces.

A PBSL property mirrors this ingenuity by offering flexibility in design and amenity spaces. As coliving is all about fostering community, the community’s voice is a main contributor in shaping their own living spaces. Interchangeable amenity spaces are a common fixture across PBSL properties, shaping to the residents’ demands and needs. Say there is a cinema room that is not being utilised as much as anticipated, the infrastructure is in place to readily convert it to a cooking pop up or a games room, for example.

Spaces shaped by residents, for residents. The coliving sector is a progressive sector that directly responds to a huge portion of modern residents and their changing needs. Check out our flexible range of furniture and furnishings that elevate these properties and serve to shape inspiring spaces.


An Entire Sector, Elevated by LOFT

Due to LOFT’s experienced understanding of people and modern residents, we do not have to jostle for space within the coliving sector. We are instead able to position ourselves at the forefront of the PBSL sector as we have been designing collaborative and community-driven spaces for many years.

We understand the nuances involved in creating coliving spaces that incite organic connections and allow a community to build and flourish. Our renowned, company-wide sustainability measures also compliment the PBSL sector perfectly as sustainability in design is of huge value and importance to residents and developers alike.

We have created a brand new PBSL Brochure that showcases what LOFT can offer to the sector and how we can create inspiring coliving spaces for right now and for future generations. Download it here.


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