April 28, 2021

How Furnishing a BTR Showflat Increases Sales

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If someone told you they were about to buy a car without going for a test drive first, how would you react? Let’s say this person has never even seen the car they’re going to buy, not in person, not online, nothing. You’d tell them to think very carefully about their decision — and that’s with us putting it politely! If they take your advice, the sale probably won’t go through until they’ve had a chance to look at it and try it out.

It’s a similar deal with property. Potential tenants should take the chance to look around a BTR showflat before they make the decision to move in. And by having a stunning example ready to show them, you can use it to your advantage.

Beautifully presented new builds need to be seen in order to be fully appreciated, and that can lead to more sales pre-completion. Even in established BTR developments, having a ready-made example to view can convince a potential tenant that a unit is right for them.

Want to know how furnishing a BTR showflat can increase sales? No worries! You’ll find the key information below.

Potential Tenants Can See the End Result

Walking into an empty property as a buyer can feel a little strange. Yeah, it’s a blank canvas that potential tenants can do what they want with (within reason!), but how can anyone imagine how their lives will be by pottering around an empty shell for an hour?

Furnishings help create a sense of emotion. Imagine you have potential tenants lined up during the colder months to view a property. You’re standing there next to a young couple who are about to move in with each other for the first time.

They see a large, cosy sofa covered in scatter cushions. On the arm of the sofa is a warm, soft blanket. There’s a table in front of the sofa, with two wine glasses and rich, red Pinot Noir.

They’re loved up and thinking about spending the chilly winter nights cuddled up under the blanket binge watching Netflix. Nothing else in the world matters outside of that moment. You probably get the idea of where this is going.

Now imagine there’s no sofa. No cushions, no blanket, no TV or table. The only thing running through the minds of the young couple is where they’re going to sit.

An emotional connection to properties is what drives sales. The more they can imagine living there, the easier it is to sell.

Potential Tenants Can See the Spec For Themselves

It goes without saying that your units will be furnished to a high spec, so why not let potential tenants see that first-hand? With a fully furnished BTR showflat that they walk around and view, you put yourself in a prime position to point out everything residents should be looking for in a rental property.

Are you putting sofas in every flat? Great! Invite potential residents to take the weight off their feet for a few moments, and mention their units will have similar comfy sofas installed.

Are you using ethically sourced, renewable materials for sideboards and coffee tables? Fantastic! Tell your tenants-to-be that you’ve found furniture that’s kind to the environment with compromising on quality.

People visit showflats because they want to be sold to. They’re in a position to rent quality living space, and want you to tell them exactly why they should take up residence in your building as opposed to anyone else’s.

You have to stand out and make your voice heard. Potential residents will be viewing multiple BTR schemes as well as traditional rental properties. If you want to land that sale, simply give them a reason to buy.

Showflats are Great for Advertising

Properties advertised online reach far and wide. You can’t just rely on word-of-mouth or someone strolling past your BTR build during development and wanting to live there. This is why having an amazing online advert is key.

With a furnished BTR showflat, you can take the perfect pictures to use in your advert, which makes a great first impression on interested parties. Adverts that just have short descriptions and photos of empty rooms simply aren’t engaging.

Moving into a new property is a huge life decision that requires a lot of mulling over, so if there’s ever a time not to skimp on useful content, it’s when you’re selling units.

Let’s not forget that virtual viewings have also increased in popularity. You can’t really take someone on a tour of an empty property, as all you’ll really be able to talk about is how much space is available. Furnishings can create a more immersive experience, and again, you can highlight any key points potential residents should know.

There’s an additional advertising bonus that you might not have realised comes with furnishing a showflat; the potential tenants’ social media.

Visiting a staged unit is an experience. People get excited about it, and share updates on Instagram and Facebook. If you furnished a flat impeccably, then viewers are going to take pictures and rave about it online. That can always lead to more bookings and eventually another sale.

Are Furnished Showflats Proven to Increase Sales?

The short answer; yes! But we know you want more details than that.

Up to 75% of buyers spend more time viewing staged properties than an unstaged one, so if your property has been furnished, you give potential tenants something more to look at. They take their time, and really think about whether the property is right for them.

86% of estate agents have also found that furnished properties can sell up to three times faster. Ideal if you’re looking to rent out every unit pre-completion.

A great deal of thought needs to go into furnishing BTR showflats. By presenting units in the best light, you:

  • Help tenants imagine living there

  • Encourage tenants to check the spec for themselves

  • Have opportunities to highlight key aspects

  • Create great online adverts

  • Make virtual viewings more immersive

  • Potentially gain free advertising through social media

Is there any reason not to furnish a BTR showflat? We don’t think so. If you would like expert help and advice, you can reach the team through our contact page or call us on 0372 291 3042.


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