May 04, 2021

Why Great Account Managers Matter When Furnishing Rental Properties

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Furnishing rental properties; the extra bit of work that falls on the shoulders of lettings agents up and down the country. But property agents don’t have to take on this burden by themselves. Relying on professional furniture suppliers who specialise in catering to the rental market makes your job a lot easier.

And the glue that holds everything together? Well, that honour sits with the account manager in charge of overseeing all your orders and custom.

From conducting viewings for new tenants to providing landlords with updates, you have a lot to be getting on with. The last thing you need to worry about is furnishing and replenishment duties. Great account managers handle this so you don’t have to.

Below, we’ve listed just some of the ways an account manager takes the stress out of furnishing rental properties.

Account Managers Ensure Schedules are Stuck to

Is there anything better than a hands-off experience that hits the right note every single time? When you’ve got a lot on your plate, the last thing you want to do is constantly have a back-and-forth with your furniture supplier about delivery timelines.

Your account manager is on hand to make sure you don’t have to. They’re experts in keeping everyone on track from start to finish. All you have to do is place an order, and the rest of the job should be taken care of.

There are a lot of steps involved in furnishing rental properties. You might not even be available to oversee the installation. That doesn’t mean furniture can’t be delivered, though.

Tight deadlines can be a nightmare, which is why you should partner with a furniture supplier who can work with you on this. Letting your account manager know if there are potential bumps in the road means they can find the right solution.

One of these solutions could be collecting the keys from you — no matter where you or your lettings agency is based — so that the delivery and installation can go ahead without you needing to be there. Naturally, the delivery team will then return the keys to you.

And there you have it. Products ordered, delivered and installed without you having to be on-site. Everything is in place, on time and to everyone’s satisfaction.

You’re Kept Up-to-Date Every Step of the Way

While you want a hands-off experience, that isn’t an excuse for account managers to keep you in the dark. It’s their job to make sure you’re given an update every step of the way.

Let’s say you have a tenant in situ who is waiting for a new sofa to be delivered. They’re out at work, and you’ve let them know everything will be sorted by the time they get home.

The van that’s delivering the sofa breaks down. Instead of waiting on a wing and a prayer that everything will be fine, your account manager calls to let you know what’s happened. It’s not an ideal situation, but at least you know there’s a problem and work is being done to fix it.

In this example, you can call the tenant and give them an update of your own. If you’d rather take a step back, your account manager can even call the client for you. This helps when managing expectations.

The tenant won’t come home expecting the new sofa to be there, meaning you won’t be on the wrong end of a complaint when they come in after a long shift.

The more information your account manager can provide you with, the more prepared you are for discussions with tenants. Life is anything but predictable, and the worst thing that an account manager can do is ignore a problem, hoping you’ll never find out.

Great account managers are honest and upfront. They give you a reason to trust them. With regular updates, you can quickly spot a trend as to whether a furniture supplier is reliable or not, and you can use that information to find a supplier who works in the best interests of your tenants.

They Get to Know Your Goals

We’ve worked with enough landlords to know their goals and expectations can be varied. Working with an experienced account manager means they can help you furnish rental properties to their expectations.

For example, if a landlord in London wants to increase rental income, installing higher spec furniture could attract tenants with more money to spare. As their letting agent, arranging this now falls to you. Once you contact your furniture supplier, it then falls to your account manager.

Working with your account manager is the best way to find a solution that will deliver on results. They can come up with suggestions based on your client’s budget, the property location, ceiling rental prices in the area, and tenant preferences.

Your ultimate goal is to keep tenants and landlords happy. Delivering on their expectations is always a good shout, but exceeding expectations is even better.

Great account managers get to know your goals and come up with the best ways to reach them. By doing this, they actively work to ensure contracts are renewed, meaning you don’t lose a valuable client to a competitor.

Taking the Stress Out of Furnishing Rental Properties

Having to arrange furniture deliveries and managing the process yourself is a time-consuming job. There are more productive things you could be doing with your day, and an expert account manager makes sure furniture doesn't become an unnecessary distraction to you.

They take the time to understand what you, your clients and their tenants need from a professional furnishing service, providing you with updates and advice along the way.

If furnishing rental properties has become a thorn in your side recently, take some time to consider how a specialist supplier can help. The right partner should be able to source the furniture you need, while the account manager ensures the process runs smoothly.


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