November 12, 2020

Gone West X LOFT

Ben Hall, Gone West Tree Planting (North)

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Gone West, a for-purpose tree planting company, who have already planted over 4 million trees since starting in 2013.

Benjamin Hall, Managing Director at LOFT explained “We understand the carbon footprint created by construction is far from perfect, so we have decided to take action to try and make it better. We’ve officially partnered with committing to plant a tree for every apartment we designed and furnished during 2020 – over 4000 trees!”

Staff, friends and supporters of LOFT will be taking part in a series of tree planting days across the UK during 2020 and 2021. LOFT x Gone West are not just thinking about sustainability, we’re taking affirmative measures. Real people making a real difference.

More than ever it’s important to incorporate nature into your life. Biophilic design has been proven to reduce stress and tension levels, which goes a long way in boosting our mental health and wellbeing. Another great element of biophilic design is that many of the materials used, come from sustainable sources. Pieces made from wood, bamboo, bark, clay and stone can be recycled, and plant life is biodegradable. This ensures the least amount of damage is done to the planet when designing your spaces, as items can be broken down and repurposed.

“Gone West takes it’s partnerships seriously, working with brands that share a true passion for the planet and its people. Our inspiration comes from brands like LOFT, who see their responsibility for the environment but also a possibility to make change in their community. We are proud to be their choice in battling the environmental and social crisis of our times.”

– Gone West

Why is this important to us?

Because we’re replanting the future. Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. It’s about giving back to nature, working with the community and taking care of future generations.

“Giving back for us is not only planting trees, it is thinking about how we run our businesses, how we source our products and materials, how we can create jobs and take care of the vulnerable members of our society.” – Gone West

We’re committed to the environment and making sure all recyclable materials are recycled. 89% of our waste is sent to a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) facility and converted to electricity. And over 5,000 mattresses are recycled every year through a specialist mattress recycling facility.

It’s about the big picture, so we began with the people.

We partner with a number of charities across the UK including the Embassy Charity. Launched in 2018, Embassy started by using a re-purposed tour bus to provide emergency shelter and support to vulnerable male adults in the Greater Manchester area.  We undertake regular fundraising days and staff volunteering on the bus to support the residents.

We regularly donate furniture to homeless charities including Mustard Tree; who provide furniture for individuals and families who have recently been rehomed or for shelters. We’ve donated over 2,000 pieces of furniture have to charities, helping to create a home. In London we have teamed up with Housing for Women, a housing provider and charity with a mission to empower women and challenge inequality. Our Design team are helping the charity by assisting with the interior design for accommodation, designed for women who have experienced domestic abuse and sex trafficked. We’re also donating our furniture to help these women set up a new life.

There’s always more to be done to help the world, at LOFT we know this. That’s why we’re now focusing on the planet. LOFT and Gone West are creating conscious communities through immediate, environmental action.

The story is just the beginning, never miss a step by following us on our new journey.

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