January 25, 2023

Future-Proof Your Student Accommodation: Exclusive Data on How Sustainability Can Attract & Retain Tenants


A core part of LOFT’s ethos over the past 20 years of business has been actively learning from our target demographics to ensure we are creating beautiful homes that the customers are seeking across the residential market. With this in mind, our collaboration with The Property Marketing Strategists is mutually beneficial as we are delighted to be the official sponsor of the Sustainability focused section of the study.

The Property Marketing Strategists have conducted in-depth research into what lies ahead for the sector in their study, ‘Living & Learning: The Future of Home According to Generation Z’. We love having the opportunity to invest in the future of living whilst benefitting from the resulting data.




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Understanding Your Demographic

This study is vital in truly understanding what Gen Z want from their living environment as we hear from the stakeholders themselves. As student accommodation is often a young person’s first taste of living independently, a diverse range of young people have been surveyed to give a holistic picture of the future of the home.

As the results and opinions of this study emerge, we start to gain an insight into how the mindset has shifted in for the younger resident demographic and it does not look like slowing down anytime soon. Some other key findings reveal:

  • 67% want their accommodation to have great insulation to cut down energy bills

  • 35% would like to see solar panels installed

  • Only 6% say sustainability features would not be important when deciding on their accommodation.

  • 73% of those surveyed would be comfortable living somewhere with second-hand or upcycled furniture

  • 22% of young people say they want outdoor space to grow produce

The survey has not only asked current students within a range of accommodations and recently graduated students about their living experiences, but it has also surveyed 16–17-year-olds about what they consider important for their first home and what they might look for.


Sleeping Sustainably

This wide independent dataset will ensure for the first time that the Student Accommodation, Coliving and Build to Rent sectors will categorically know what Gen Z, the future of the residential market, want from their homes.

For all age groups, a quiet environment and a preferred level of temperature and darkness are the three most important factors deemed to determine a good night’s sleep. Preferred mattress type became increasingly crucial through the student lifecycle, perhaps due to past bad experiences in various accommodations.

PMS Preferred Mattress Softness Graphic

We at LOFT understand what a comfortable and supportive mattress can do to support well-being by ensuring students are rested and rejuvenated after a night’s sleep. We also see the importance of creating a sustainable, circular mattress economy to ensure landfills are not getting clogged up with used mattresses. That is where our line of Regenerate Mattresses comes in – exclusive to LOFT, these opulent mattresses are created from 95% recycled materials, complete with built-in sanitized hygiene topped off by 3-layered memory cooling foam. Now you can hit the comfort and sustainability brief for your property’s bedroom thanks to the Regenerate Mattress.



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Download the Full Survey

This research is a deep dive into what Gen Z values. In a time when the world is gripped by a cost-of-living crisis, a climate emergency and the way in which we live, study and work has changed forever – we urge the sector to listen, learn and adapt. Through knowledge sharing, collaboration and listening to our consumers, we can create a sustainable and appealing future accommodation option for the next generation and beyond. To gain extensive insight, download the full study here.


“The value of this survey cannot be understated, as it is giving us categorical evidence of the perceived importance of sustainability from the most important source of all – the residents. The residential sector needs to incorporate increased sustainability measures from construction right through to the furnishing of the home, or people will not want to live there. Increased sustainability features are crucial to future homes to not only benefit the environment and create a greener future but cater to a more conscious and ethical residential demographic.”

Benjamin Hall, Founder, LOFT