October 18, 2022

Furniture Rental Revolution: LOFT x Homebound Partnership


Looking for a cost-effective way to furnish your property? Want to try out a new look for your property in order to attract new residents, but unsure about whether they will ultimately want the property to be furnished or unfurnished? LOFT has the solution - furniture rental. LOFT has expanded our service offering even further to give you the gift of total flexibility and a truly tailored experience.

To complete business projects faster and at a larger scale, London-based rental furniture company Homebound recently finalised its strategic partnership with LOFT. Centred around sustainability, Homebound offers its growing customer base flexible rental solutions ideal for Build To Rent, Property Staging, Show Homes, Landlord Furniture and more.


The Benefits of Renting Furniture

Many of Homebound's business clients own or manage several properties that especially benefit from renting instead of buying furniture. There are several benefits to renting instead of buying furniture beyond flexibility and being a more sustainable option for businesses.

  • Quick and Convenient Service – Furniture is usually delivered within just a few days to any location.  

  • Flexibility – Clients have the flexibility to switch from short- to long-term leases or to buy their rental pieces in monthly instalments.

  • Low Monthly Payments – Clients have the flexibility to only pay for what they need each month, instead of disbursing high upfront investments. This also allows users to save their cash and preserve credit lines for other uses.

  • Tax Deductions – Rental payments are tax deductible.

  • Maintenance – If an item needs to be serviced or replaced, customers can get repairs or new items swiftly at no extra cost.

  • Keeping Up with Trends – Because leased furniture can be exchanged at any time, customers can always keep up with design trends and adjust their interiors to their changing tastes. Each time they swap out furniture, they receive new pieces that look completely new. 


Rent Furniture Today

Our design team will be happy to build a bespoke proposal to your interior requirements.

Sustainable Living

Studies have found that only 17% of disposed furniture is recycled in the UK. That means more than 80% of used furniture ends up in landfills and adds to the industry’s already concerning carbon footprint. 

In addition to clogging landfills, disposed furniture also increases taxes as consumers have to pay for more resources. By encouraging people to avoid spending on furniture, and, instead, rent it at affordable rates, Homebound hopes to keep furniture out of landfills, reduce waste, and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

According to Temza Interior Design & Build founder Sonia Pash, the average price of furnishing a one-bedroom flat with high-quality pieces is £3,750. At Homebound, customers can start renting all the furniture they need for a one-bedroom flat for as little as £127 per month. 

On top of that, customers can easily swap out their rental furniture as their tastes evolve over time. Whether they move to a new place or simply want to redecorate their interiors, Homebound allows them to conveniently furnish their space without the hassle of moving, selling or disposing of their old furniture.

About Homebound

Homebound is a furniture rental marketplace built around a circular economy. With the goal to make home furnishing affordable, easy to access and environmentally friendly, the company also offers its rent-to-own option at low monthly rental prices.

In addition, Homebound also works with businesses, including interior designers looking for furniture to stage a show home or landlords who need to furnish their flats before new tenants move in. Available to assist with both commercial and residential projects, Homebound offers market-leading rates, fast delivery, and quick turnarounds.

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