February 23, 2021

Delivering Speedy London Furnishing Services

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London is a city like no other. Their private rental sector is in a league of its own, and according to CBRE, private renters in the capital make up 30% of all London households. That’s 2.7 million tenants. A 122% increase in London renters is expected by 2030, so life for a London property agent is only going to get busier.

City life in the capital moves at a quicker rate than other major UK cities. There are many potential tenants who want to move straight into a rental property with all the furniture in place, and there are plenty of others who would rather have a blank canvas to work on themselves.

This can create problems for agents and landlords, as they may end up taking requests for furniture at the very last minute. Giving an agent a short timeframe to get everything organised to ensure the tenant moves in with a smile on their face.  Our speedy London furnishing services can help keep you ahead of tenant demands. Keep reading, it’s about to get good.

A Dedicated London Distribution Centre

You can’t react fast if you’re not based nearby. We have a 42,000 sq ft warehouse located in zone 3 of west London — a prime location which means we’re able to deliver to rental properties all over London.

If a new tenant is about to move into one of your properties and you only have a short time frame to get your property ready our perfectly placed London distribution centre means we can deliver at a time to suit you. Once our team knows what furniture you need, it can be processed and loaded into our iconic vans, ready in no time for installation.

Having our London distribution centre is how we can offer you a next day replenishment service. We offer a like-for-like replacement service, which means we can swap a damaged item for a brand new one without the new piece sticking out like a sore thumb.

Fast Installation

Alongside our quick delivery times, the team will assemble and install every piece of furniture you order, giving a full end to end service.

We believe that if you order something from us, you shouldn’t have to put it together yourself. We understand that you have other business to take care of, so leave the furniture to us. Our delivery & installation teams will carry out safety checks on furniture to guarantee every nut and bolt is secured in place.

Keeping Things Neat & Tidy

Our furnishing services also include removal and recycling to make things even easier for you and your tenants.

Our delivery & installation teams take all packaging and old furniture back to the distribution centre with them where everything can be sorted and ethically disposed of. Recycling is something we care a lot about, which is why we work with our partners across the UK to reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfills. As we said earlier, life moves fast in London and we’re more than capable of keeping up with the pace. However, that doesn’t mean we cut corners, and we guarantee to recycle as much as we can instead of taking everything to a landfill just because it’s more convenient.

London Furnishing Services You Can Rely On

Whether tenants give you plenty of time to arrange furniture or whether they only give you a short window, our furnishing services will help you get everything in place as quickly as possible.

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, so not only are we fast, we’ll make sure to handle everything so you don’t have to. If you’re very short on time and have other appointments to manage, our delivery team will even collect the property’s keys from you and install the furniture without you having to go from one end of London to the other. And of course, we’ll return the keys to you at your convenience. We’ve fitted out countless properties in London, making life much easier for property agents on a tight timeframe. Make sure to get in touch with a member of the team today for more information.


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