March 09, 2022

Culture is The Secret To Success - Allsop


Writing a piece that encapsulates People and Planet First came naturally to us, as the subject resonates strongly with how we operate, and we believe it is now essential for future success. Although we manage property, our priority is people and creating strong and happy communities within the assets themselves. By supporting people and providing them with tools while enabling and encouraging them to be at their best, we create an environment and culture that means everyone can thrive which in turn means delivery on objectives for clients, staff, supply chain and residents.

We believe a strong part of ‘people and planet’ is supported through an ethos of collaboration. Through collaboration, from supply chain to clients, competitors, staff, residents, and local communities, we’re able to be the best possible partner and (ideally) partner of choice. When this type of culture is embedded across all workstreams, it opens up the possibility to push boundaries, be innovative and provide excellent service to residents which in turn creates positive and progressive communities at developments who inspire us to do more, not just for them but for the planet as well.

We’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with partners to launch a number of initiatives to allow socially conscious renters to give back to worthy causes, from planting trees for every resident at Duet - a successful BTR development in MediaCityUK - to litter picking or donating unwanted clothes and food....

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