April 06, 2022

Considered Living - Living by Scape


The home plays a central role in our lives – it’s where we relax, spend time with family and friends, work and have the freedom to simply be ourselves. Spending far more time at home over the past 18 months has brought to light many of the challenges we have always faced at home, but also what each of us truly need from our living space. All of this has culminated in a movement towards considered living: a new way of living, where high-quality, design-led furniture and furnishings are already in place for residents when they move in.

The design of our surroundings can have a profound effect on our wellbeing, both physically and mentally – research by Petermans in 2019 found interior architecture is a key component in enabling people to ‘be well’, and emphasised the need for architects and interior designers to design spaces that foster wellbeing. Our living space is integral to uplifting us and keeping us inspired, and contrary to popular thought, the quality of that space is more important than quantity.

When compared to typical city apartments, considered living spaces are more compact. However, by implementing creative uses of space, considered living has more potential to boost both the wellbeing and creativity of its residents, as spaces are designed to facilitate interaction and fostering a sense of community. Everything from the layout to the materials and finish are designed to give residents everything they need in the smartest and most sensitive way possible...


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