August 05, 2022

Calling All Landlords! How Can LOFT & NRLA Partnership Save You Money?


At LOFT, we are always on the lookout for collaboration opportunities that will better our customer’s experience. But we ensure these collaborations are always of the highest quality and will produce the most beneficial opportunities for everyone we deal with. That is exactly why we have such a strong ongoing partnership with the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA).


In this article, we outline the benefits of joining with the NRLA, what exclusive deals you will have access to with LOFT through the NRLA and some of the exciting things coming shortly that are sure to benefit you and your property.


What NRLA Can Do For You


The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) is the largest association for private landlords providing all-round support and representing over 95,000 landlords in England and Wales. LOFT and the NRLA collaborate so effectively because our goals are the exact same – simplifying the landlord experience. As the home for landlords, the NRLA understand that property management is not always plain sailing. Being a landlord in the current marketplace can be a challenge and ensuring you as a landlord have all the tools you need to ensure your property can always stand out is difficult to stay on top of.


The NRLA represent landlords everywhere and actively recognise the contribution landlords make to the rental sector and the wider society. Where LOFT help landlords realise their interior visions, maximise rents and minimise voids, the NRLA help them in the provision of safe, legal, and secure homes. Our partnership looks to set landlords up to have all the tools and insight they need to maximise their property and have a stress-free experience.

NRLA graphic


Savings For You & Your Property


If you are a landlord and you are currently not a member of the NRLA, you are missing out on an abundance of opportunities catered directly to you. NRLA landlord members get exclusive access to top benefits and discounts, member-only resources, guides and legislative updates and access to their expert advice line. Not only that but joining just became easier than ever – join the NRLA today and get £15 off your first year’s membership! Simply use the code NRLALOFT15 to get £15 pounds off and start your journey with the NRLA.


The savings don’t end there either. By becoming a member with the NRLA, you will have access to big discounts across a range of products and services, LOFT included. As recognised furniture suppliers for the NRLA, by becoming a member you are entitled to exciting discounts across all LOFT furniture so you can beautifully furnish your interiors for less.


More Exciting Things to Come


The good news for landlords everywhere is that the LOFT & NRLA partnership is only getting going. We have lots of exciting collaborations coming up that will be guaranteed to benefit you if you are a property professional.


Not to mention the much-anticipated Landlord Conference 2022, which LOFT will proudly be the official furniture partner for. This event is the biggest conference for private landlords in the UK and creates a terrific atmosphere to comfortably network, meet fellow property professionals and gain insight into the current residential marketplace. To get full details on the Landlord Conference 2022 and see how you can get involved, click here.

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