April 15, 2020

Affordable UK Interior Design Services for International Property Investors

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The UK is well known as a haven for international property investors looking to capitalise on the growing success of our nation’s demand for rental properties. According to the Office of National Statistics, the decline in under 65s owning their own property is continuing, meaning more people than ever in the UK are looking for suitable long-term rental accommodation.

When house prices fall in England, the research undertaken by Knight Frank shows rental figures steadily increase year-on-year, and have done since 2010. This proves the demand for rental properties is strong, meaning now is a great time for international property investors to invest in the UK property market.

Experts believe positive interest from overseas will still be high once the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown is lifted. Property investors from Asia are already enquiring about UK expat mortgage applications, according to Offshoreonline via Property Wire. This has been helped in part by Boris Johnson’s victory in the December 2019 General election, as it cleared up many uncertainties surrounding Brexit.

Furthermore, as British Sterling (GBP) continues to fluctuate and the US dollar (USD) remains strong, the UK property market will remain an attractive asset, with further savings being made on our under-performing currency. 

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced in this year’s budget a 2% Stamp Duty surcharge for overseas buyers that will come into effect on 1st April 2021. This is set to fuel a flurry of activity this year, as investors aim to capitalise on the current SDLT rate.

Now is the time to be searching for buy-to-let property investment deals in the UK. The demand for rentals is high and on an upwards trajectory. However, only the most attractively presented rental properties provide a significant return on investment, which is why sourcing affordable UK Interior Design services is vital to your success.

LOFT are experts in aiding landlords, both national and international, with their UK property investments. We offer a wide range of services that makes it easy to invest in the UK, without you having to worry or manage things yourself. Here’s what LOFT can do for you:

Professional Interior Design Consultation

Interior Design Consutation

The importance of Interior Design for buy-to-let properties cannot be understated. It’s important that tenants feel connected with the property they’re renting so it becomes more of a home than just a house. This means designing an interior that’s comforting, inviting and unique. Remember, the more comfortable and attached a tenant is to your property, the likelier they are to stay for the long-term.

It’s also important to note the average person in Britain spends around 90% of their time indoors. While work commitments account for a fair share of time spent inside, it’s not the only reason as to why so many UK residents spend so much time indoors. 45% of those surveyed said the poor British weather often prevented them from enjoying time outside the house, as did an overreliance on technology for entertainment. 

Being inside so much isn’t good for a person’s mental health, even if it is understandable due to predictable British downpours. To combat this issue, interiors need to be bright, open and thoughtfully furnished to boost mental wellbeing. Expertly designed spaces not only give your property a better value proposition, but they can increase the possibility of tenants wanting to stay in your property for the long-term.

At LOFT, we have a team of award-winning and highly accomplished Interior Designers who specialise in creating spaces to improve mental wellbeing. Their focus is on fashioning spaces that meet the needs of the end users. This keeps your residents happy, and they will quickly realise you are a landlord who cares about the comfort and wellbeing of human beings.

Our affordable Interior Design services are comprehensive, meaning we will cover any aspect you need us to. We can put together bespoke furniture packages based on floor plans and market research, which ensures furniture is both fit for purpose and aimed at the right target market. From design concepts to floorplan consultation all the way through to white glove installation, LOFT will guarantee your property is ready for tenants to live in.

White Glove Installation Service

LOFT Installation

As part of our service, LOFT goes far beyond simply delivering your furniture and leaving it for someone else to set up. We firmly believe that if you instruct us to help design and furnish your UK BTL property, it’s our duty to make sure everything has been delivered, assembled and installed safely and correctly.

Our white glove service means you get the highest quality of customer care from us. If we’re introduced to the process early enough, we can even assist with your handover and furnish the property on the day of completion. 

Our trained and experienced installation & delivery team will deliver your furniture on time, assembling, installing and professionally staging the property for maximum impact. We will also remove and dispose of all packaging and any old, unwanted furniture too! 

LOFT recycles all cardboard, plastics, mattresses and metal. 

LOFT’s full service includes; Interior Design, furniture procurement, delivery, assembly, installation, removal of all packaging and professional home staging. We believe it’s necessary to offer such an in-depth service, as it’s the best way to ensure the job’s done properly.

LOFT also offers a like-for-like furniture replenishment service, removing and replacing old, unwanted furnishings. We send 89% of recyclable waste to an RDF facility where it is converted into electricity, meaning a partnership with us can create a more ethical and sustainable business model.

Free Snagging and Key Collection 

LOFT’s affordable Interior Design services are rounded off with free snagging and handover services. When you purchase or develop a property in the UK, you should be assured that everything has been completed to a high standard. As an international property investor overseas, we understand that you can’t physically check on the condition of the property yourself before you complete the sale, or before tenants move in. LOFT will take care of the handover process on your behalf. 

Part of our mantra is to make things easy for our customers and to ensure tenants are enjoying quality living conditions. We don’t want tenants to be met with faults anymore than you do, as this can affect how happy they feel in the property, which in turn affects retention rates. According to an AXA survey, around 15% of tenants would consider moving if the property they’re renting was in disrepair, which is something we’re keen to help you avoid.

A LOFT representative will check the property thoroughly, and we guarantee to have any issues with your interiors, resolved before the property is inhabited. As a final ‘thank you’ for choosing us to help with your Interior Design and furnishing needs, we also offer free key collection and return from your chosen letting or estate agency.

Ensuring Your UK Property Investment Pays Off

It’s not enough to simply have a rental property and hope tenants will agree to rent from you. Interior Design and the quality of furnishings play an important role in landing tenants. There are plenty of options for renters to choose from, which is why your BTL property needs the help of UK-based experts to ensure your investment pays off.

We offer a full, comprehensive service that can’t be matched by any other interiors partner in the UK. Our mission is to make your international property investment profitable and fit for purpose, keeping you and tenants happy.

When showing a property to potential tenants, it’s also important to remember they would much rather see a fully furnished asset, as opposed to a CGI mock-up of what it could look like. To help you with this, we use our expertise in design and staging to attract the ideal resident and increase the target market for your property.


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