April 28, 2022

Achieving Resident Well-Being through Positive Design Principles - Gravity Co-Living


At Gravity Co-Living, we believe in designing homes to keep both the mind and body happy. Creating spaces that offer a range of benefits that help form the perfect living environment.

With more of us spending an increasing amount of time at home and with the rise in the work from home culture as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never been as important for our living surroundings to not only positively impact our well-being in a way that inspires and energises us but simultaneously offers an environment for relaxation, calm and rest - allowing us to disconnect and achieve balance.

Much of the way we feel within a space is heavily depicted by its design. This is why at Gravity, with Unconventional Design standing as one of our four brand pillars, we focus greatly on creating spaces that positively impact the well-being and enhance the living experience of our members.

A great example of how this has been achieved can be seen at our latest and largest project, Gravity West Court in West London - a building that is home to 97 studios, a bright open-plan lobby, urban green entrance courtyard and a spacious co-working/ communal lounge...

To read the full article plus much more insight on residential well-being, download the Well-being magazine below.



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