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We understand that finding the right pieces for a property is difficult, which is why we’ve put together an array of furniture packs to help property agents find the best items in the shortest time and for the best price. We can provide packs for different types of properties no matter the budget you're working with, so make sure to browse our selection:

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Preparing a rental property for residents can be a hassle if you’re based in Croydon. You can never be too sure if residents will want their property to be furnished or unfurnished. And with its affordability and close proximity to the capital, you have to be prepared to cater for a variety of target markets such as the young professionals and families looking for an alternative option to living in London.

LOFT’s name and reputation comes from delivering on our clients’ needs every time. Croydon is one of the most diverse areas in the UK, and we can design rental properties that celebrate diversity and reflect the town’s vibrant culture. To keep things simple, we can supply a range of furniture packs that residents will love and will last for years to come.

We understand the decision to furnish a property can come at the last minute, which is why we offer plenty of flexibility. With our London distribution centre only a few miles away, we have the capacity to deliver, assemble and install every item at short notice.

Our aim is to create an easy life for Croydon property agents. We do this by creating a vibrant and welcoming property for residents to keep them happy in their homes. Having no problems to report also keeps the landlord happy, which in turn leads to a long and healthy business partnership.

Why Work With LOFT

LOFT has been providing interior design services and supplying furniture for 18 years. We’re one of the most well trusted furnishing partners across the UK, and we’re regularly relied on to cover a variety of needs.

Having a spacious and stocked warehouse only a few miles away from Croydon means we can cover immediate requests and work around your schedule. It also means we’re on hand to liaise with tenants if they need any assistance, which saves you a great deal of time and keeps residents happy.

Being based in Croydon can make it difficult to find a reliable furnishings partner to carry out disposals. LOFT, however, is a huge advocate of recycling, and we will remove any old furniture and packaging you don’t need so it isn’t cluttering up your residents’ homes. We recycle whatever we can and send salvageable pieces to be cleaned up and donated to good causes.

If you’re a Croydon property agent, we’d love to add your name to our list of highly satisfied clients. Partnering with LOFT gives you access to our comprehensive service, which saves agents nationwide from unnecessary, time-consuming and even costly hassles.

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